on feeling purposeful

i had a little conversation with a lovely friend this afternoon
about intrinsic motivation, acting on our passions,
and feeling purposeful.

sometimes i feel that my days are a little repetitive
and that i should be doing more to
than i'm doing at the moment
(which, on a grand scale, isn't much).
feeling this way makes it more difficult to get out of bed,
more difficult to get myself in gear and get today's tasks finished
and definitely very difficult to feel ecstatic about the little details of my life.

don't get me wrong,
i am definitely enjoying my days in guelph
which are full of...
working a few hours a week at a little restaurant
lots of cooking & baking
spending quality time with my husband
and playing with the most adorable kitten in the world
...but sometimes i feel as though i need a little more structure
(a little more purpose, a little more driving force)
to keep me moving forward.

 perhaps this structure needs to come in the form of
~a volunteer position~
~writing something more substantial~
~finding a new full-time job that i can feel more passionate about~
~becoming a certified yoga instructor~
which are all things that i have made as goals for myself in 2011.

i know that eventually
(as long as i take little steps every day)
i'll be doing all these things,
but it's important to remember that
-even when i'm having an uninspired day-
doing little things like
baking fresh bread
spending time with my neighbors
 enjoying the locally-grown apples i bought at our farmers market
smiling at someone on the street
 and even puttering around the house & tidying up
are all things that make a difference to myself & the people around me...
...even if it's just a small one.

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  1. i love you, meg, darling! we can have afternoon conversations about life any time...

  2. You always have such insights and I love your posts!

  3. great post. I understand where you're coming from. sometimes some outside structure, as in having a job or some real obligations, is helpful. but you're right, anything you do makes a difference :)

  4. what a wonderful post. Everyone definitely has their "uninspired days." And we all need a small reminder to enjoy the little things to get us back into our groove. Thank you for this.

  5. Amazing! I have been feeling this way lately, so it's nice to know I'm not alone!
    Love, Love, Love your blog!

  6. Anonymous30/1/11

    lovely shot, and inspiration is always a plus!


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