a snowy weekend.

my weekend started
with the smell of freshly baked bread
filling my whole house
and an amazing hot yoga class.

on saturday morning,
i returned happily to my routine
of picking up local vegetables, apple cider & lamb
at the guelph farmer's market...
...before heading to my favorite cafe
to indulge in a delicious coffee &
perusal of style-at-home's february issue.
later, more hot yoga & pizza
preceeded a night of fun, games & dancing downtown
and a long walk in the freezing cold
(due to an unwise cab shortage).
sunday brought a long walk in the snow along the river...
...and a meal of braised venison, mixed bean mash
and yummy cold-weather veggies.

it was a wonderful first weekend back in guelph...
how did you spend your weekend?


  1. Looks like you had a very quiet pretty weekend! That church is so cool! Looks like Notre dame a lil! Hot yoga & pizza = Awesome! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  2. Sounds like my kind of weekend! Nothing beats fresh bread and a hot yoga session. XO!

  3. Fun- I made four loaves of bread this weekend- and I have two more to make today!

  4. I need to start baking bread! Maybe tomorrow?

  5. mmm, I LOVE the smell of bread baking. looks like you had a wonderful weekend!

  6. So beautiful! I'm so jealous. We don't get snow down where I live.

  7. what an amazing weekend you had from start to finish! i love how you incorporated yoga into every day, brava!

  8. what pretty pictures (and what a fun weekend)! guelph looks very charming. and despite that fact that i'm not a big venison fan, that meal looks delicious!!

  9. How very lovely, relaxing and perfect!

    Liesl :)

  10. you take so many gorgeous pics. i love the pics of the town, it's very charming and cute.
    i'm glad you had a great weekend! i had a mixture of going out and staying in, which was just what i needed

  11. i have been wanting to try a hot yoga class. i've heard it is great!
    i'm so happy i found your blog!

    your newest follower

  12. New reader here. So I'm just getting into your blog... :-) Look forward to reading more and catching up on archives.

    Lovely photos and what sounds like a lovely weekend. I wish I had a cafe like that. I dream of opening one in the future, the sort of place people can say is "my favourite cafe". Glad you had a great weekend!

  13. Looks like a gorgeous town...and a gorgeous weekend! Happy Monday!

  14. Really nice pic,enjoy life :)

  15. So beautiful. Love the pictures and that town. Wow!!


  16. yummm that bread looks so amazing!!! What a wonderful day :) Thanks for sharing doll!


    xoxo, summer

  17. A little bit of snow makes things look so pretty! Looks like such a lovely weekend!

  18. Gorgeous pictures! I love them! :)

  19. So jealous of your weekend - it sounded so perfect! and the fact that you still go to the farmers market in the winter is awesome

  20. isn't it nice to be back home after all the holiday hub-bub? I have found so much joy in going back to my usual coffee shop and waking up in my own bed!

  21. Lovely photos & a very lovely blog. New follower. :)

  22. not like that... unfortunately, i came down with strep throat over the weekend and was laid out in my bed with a fever. i'm going to pretend I had your weekend, it sounds much better!


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