this weekend there will be...

...a visit to my favorite guelph restaurant
...mussels sauteed in garlic & butter
...girl power, in british cinematic form
...a kitty portrait session
...local goods from the farmers market
...creation, via knitting needles
...daydreaming, planning, doing.

i love weekends.
what do you plan to do with yours?

whatever you do with your weekend, dear readers,
have a lovely one.

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  1. Volunteer at a local Girl Scout camp, knitting needles in tow. Babysitting for some sweet kids. Hopefully using my new fancy dutch oven!

  2. i so want to learn how to knit,
    i guess i'll be contented right now with teaching myself to play the ukulele, i love it!

  3. Sounds like a busy weekend, enjoy it! I have exam tomorrow and after that I will do some sales searching. xo

  4. A nice long bike ride with friends, a baking day, reading ... lots of it, and a yummy dinner or two. And, some early morning bikram on Sunday!! XO! Enjoy your weekend it sounds LOVELY!

  5. I love mussels...sounds like a great time! HAPPY WEEKEND :) We just got a new puppy so I will be getting her into a routine and I have a birthday party to attend tomorrow evening full of champagne :)

  6. nice to have found your blog! :) great weekend u have lined up. Having a girls' weekend over here. aunt and her two little girls are coming; seeing Black swan, some writing for my two food columns, some personal cooking for my food blog, cleaning up my mess and yeah the list goes on! :)

    following you!

    B So Chic!

  7. sounds like a *lovely* weekend!

  8. Lots of errands to run! But I hope to get some reading done too :)

  9. I hope we get to see the results of the kitty photo shoot. My dad works for a company in Guelph...he likes it there...never been....sounds nice.

    :), luckynumber3.com


  10. Awh that sounds like a fun weekend!

  11. What a nice weekend plan. :) I'm planning to go to San Diego to visit the boyfriend on Sunday.

  12. Sounds perfect--and adventerous! Go have fun!

  13. the kitty portrait session sounds super cute :) have a wonderful weekend!

  14. sounds like a great weekend! Just finished yoga and now time to catch up on my magazines.
    Have a good one!

  15. sounds lovely!! have a great weekend!

  16. mussels sauteed in garlic & butter? oooo that sounds soooooo good! Please send some over to me. Hehehehe. Have a very happy weekend

  17. fantastic blog!!!! love it :)


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