have an adventurous weekend!

...i'm starting to think i'm ready for spring...
maybe i'm getting a little tired of this freezing weather,
my cute dresses hidden away at the back of my closet,
my bathingsuits languishing in a box,
my friendly green bike snoozing down in the basement
waiting for the warmth & the sun to come back
and say "hey! come outside & play!"
this afternoon, we're heading into toronto to explore a little
before spending the weekend with a lovely friend
to celebrate her birthday!
there will be chicken wings & lasertag (her birthday choices)
which i'm sure will help stave off this winter melancholy
that i'm afraid may be starting to creep in.
how do you plan to spend your weekend?
if it's sunny where you are,
i think you should get outside & make snow angels!
if the weather is too terrible,
light some candles & have a living room picnic
to cherish the last few days of sleepy, cozy hibernation
before spring comes.

however you spend it,
have an amazing weekend!


  1. unfortunately we are experiencing very chilly weather here in western ma. luckily no snow is in the forecast.. we've been getting on average about two storms a week recently. cuddling under warm blankets with a good book and the boyfriend is what i plan to be doing on this chilly, valentine weekend =]
    enjoy the chicken wings (my boyfriend's new favorite-thing-to-make) and lasertag!

  2. Anonymous11/2/11

    its sunny here, beautiful weather and I will be indoors all weekend, working... :(

  3. Oh I'm so ready for spring as well! I mean, I live in Southern Louisiana, where it usually barely gets below 60/50 during the winter. It's currently around 40 outside. :(

  4. It's going to be beautiful here! Clear, sunny, and 65 degrees! I'll be outside if you need me!

  5. so i never knew where guelph was, but when you mentioned in this post that you were visiting toronto, i thought wow, she must live a lot closer than i thought. so then i looked it up & saw it is 3 1/2 hrs away from here! kinda blew my mind.

    i feel you on being ready for spring! i bet the weather there is very similar to here. thanks for your email by the way, i'll respond shortly :)

  6. thanks for the lovely weekend suggestions:)

    Have a wonderful weekend yourself. Enjoy!

  7. perfect photo, hope you had an amazing weekend!


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