lights that sparkle

two dozen hours spent in the big city,
to replenish my soul
& celebrate a belated valentines day.
we checked into our little hotel
with a view of spadina's chinatown
and to the right, downtown & the cn tower.
spadina & college
wanting to take in as much as we could
during our short stay,
we walked to nearby queen street west
for a bite to eat in a gloriously casual pub
before strolling the streets
and enjoying the fading of the sky as the sun set.
waiting for the ttc
the black bull
inside the black bull
a quick stop for two cappucinos,
then a few games of pool
before settling into a dark restaurant
to share a lamb burger, chicken kebabs
and stand up comedy
featuring some of the best in canada.
outside the rivoli
inside the rivolia few games
we returned to the hotel happy
under the sparkling street lights
and cuddled under a cozy, fleecy blanket.

waking to bright & sunny skies
(and slightly warmer weather)
we ventured out into kensington market
- a quirky, authentic, slightly disheveled
and completely delightful neighborhood -
to enjoy authentically mexican tacos
and a few beers
from a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant
before settling down at a dark wood table
in a starkly white cafe
to enjoy americanos, oolong teas,
engrossing novels,
and pleasantries with torontonian baristas.
cafe pamenar

sadly returning home,
i silently promised to soon return
to the big city that's already feeling
more & more like home.


  1. so glad you've found somewhere that feels like 'home'! and, loving your hair that way! gorgeous!


  2. Love this blog! It's always a wonderful feeling to find a place that you feel at home in!

  3. Looks like so much fun! I really enjoy reading your blog - thanks for sharing!

  4. This looks amazing! So glad you are feeling right at home! :) I'm loving the red hat so adorable.

  5. i love the way you ended this post. looks like a great weekend, i love little hole in the wall places! i spent part of my weekend in Chinatown too, only it was SF's version!

  6. Two cappucinos and a round of pool sound like a lovely way to spend some time on the weekend. Here's to another good one!


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