on dreaming versus doing.

i've realized lately that i'm quite the dreamer.
like i've mentioned before,
i spent a lot of 2010 deciding where i wanted
life to take me next.
and although i've declared 2011 to be a year of action,
i still find myself often daydreaming about my future life
when i should be taking the steps to get there.
now that i've made some concrete decisions,
including that i'd like to move our life
back to an urban city,
i have begun looking in earnest for work in toronto.
but often when i should be planning & taking these steps
i find myself flipping dreamily through
pictures of flats in kensington market, queen's quay,
& bloor west village,
wondering what neighborhood we'll live in
and what our daily life will be like.
it's a lot more fun to imagine how lovely my future life will be
than to buckle down and do the hard work to build it
but i know that if i never work at my dreams,
they'll never become reality.
and although i love looking at pictures of downtown apartments,
i'd much rather be living in one of them.
so right now i'm working on balancing
the dream of a beautiful future life in my head
with executing the steps to
making that dream a reality.

...it is fun to dream though, isn't it?


  1. I'm so guilty of doing the same! It really is a lovely way to look at life though.

  2. I find though that the more action I take the more dreaming I do. If I stay doing the same routine and don't go toward my dreams then I get depressed with reality and my thoughts are of sadness. As I move forward I dream forward.

  3. v - i love this, and i think you're absolutely right. my dreams indicate the direction my life is taking. but i have to remember not to let all the dreaming interfere with actually taking steps towards those dreams :)

  4. Anonymous20/2/11

    I do the same thing. You should really write about how you're taking action. Thank you for this post. It wasn't until I read this that I realize I'm doing the same thing. Reading blogs online and dreaming about another life, but not making any steps toward that life. You've inspired me to move into action.


  5. Good for you! Turn your dreams into reality:-)

  6. i am quite the dreamer myself <3 i love this post!

  7. I am quite the dreamer! I find myself dreaming of all the places I wish life to take me, but find it very difficult to begin implementing those plans.

    Good luck ! :).

  8. nothing more satisfying than chasing dreams and watching them unfold into reality! Enjoy the journey...

  9. I feel the same way!! And, it is so nice to read something like this. I finish up school in June and have been constantly dreaming. XO!

  10. I'm definitely with V. I think it takes dreaming to move forward but I agree with you too. It's hard sometimes to let go of our real lives and move toward that 'dream' life. That's why I set some goals for myself to accomplish and am trying to stick to them. The way you named 2011 a "year of action" is a great idea! It's important to have both dreams AND action, but you're right. It's a lot of fun to just sit back and dream!

  11. lovely photo, I always enjoy your selections x

  12. I am a Dream Chaser. I know the feeling. And when they come true, there ain't nothin' better!

  13. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who seems to dream more about my future at times than actually doing something! Someone once told me "some dreams are meant to stay dreams" I was so horrified when I heard it that I started a complete debate. Dream and Do!


  14. I can definately relate...

  15. Anonymous25/2/11

    I can relate myself with the post. I am also doing same most of the times. But guess what its fun, to imagine and break imagination and think something else :) xx


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