this week so far...

...i've been hit with the cold
that's kept paul (and me)
awake with a cough for the past few nights.
it's left me with an achingly sore throat,
a sleepy mind,
and a lack of inspiration.

...i celebrated my brother mart's
milestone (25th!) birthday
from afar
(happy birthday little brother!)

...i've enjoyed the snow
and longed for spring
in almost equal parts.

...i attended an event called
"reading local food"
at our main library branch.
it focused on books about eating locally
(i promptly checked out the locavore's handbook)
and featured a few local farmers, bakers,
who inspired me to think & act locally
 now more than ever.

...i've decided,
after much reflection,
to continue using the name
for my blog
(in part because of all your lovely,
supportive comments...
thank you!)

...i took a walk in the knee-deep snow
in the woods around my house
(before this cold hit in full force, of course)

...i finished watching all ten oscar-nominated
"best pictures" of the year
(have you seen them all yet? they are amazing.)

...i daydreamed about
~buying a house~
~starting a family~
~moving abroad~
~tending to a lush vegetable garden~
~retiring to a little cabin on a lake~
~living again a modern, urban lifestyle~
and also daydreamed about how to reconcile
all the things i want to do
into my one short life
(i guess i had better get started!)

how has the week been for you,
so far?


  1. Anonymous9/2/11

    ugh! I hope you feel better. I hate being sick. I also may happen to hate snow as well.

    I'm glad you are going to be keeping the blog name. I love it. :)

  2. cute post!! i hope you feel better soon. :)

  3. the name is adorable, as are you! glad you're sticking with it. drink lots of yummy tea with honey and rest up:)

  4. Love this! Def keep the name of the blog, I like it :)
    hope you feel better!!!

  5. Aww bummer! Feel better soon!

  6. I feel your pain, feels like I breathed knives last night...hurts.

    Pretty sure I am happy you are keeping the blog name it is adorable. And have to agree that dreaming about moving into a different life is sometimes a fun past time. Hope you feel better soon.

  7. my husband and i both have had colds that we just can't seem to shake. a few days we feel good and then a few days we feel yucky. needless to say, there's a lot of chicken soup being eaten at my house (and also a lot of wishing for spring). love all your daydreams. right now my biggest is for warm weather, green grass beneath my feet, and slipping into a silky sundress.

  8. Love your post!
    Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well, so feel better!!
    YAY for curls and coffee!

  9. I have been daydreaming about starting a family as well :) !!!!!! Hugs Meg!!! xo

  10. Hi Meg. I love your blog; I visit regularly. I have had a cough since Christmas and it is deep and raspy. Something that has to do with the cold air affecting the bronchial tubes...
    Feel better. You are loved. Kathy


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