there was a reunion at a train station.
there were five dollar local-beef burgers.
there were nights of movies, snacking & laughing.
there was a trip to the market
and a return home to two boys still fast asleep.
there was schoolwork to be done
(and a proud big sister helping her little brother).
there were tacos, and cookies, and junk food galore.
there was bonding on a bus & in a train station,
waiting for the train.
there was an (almost tearful) goodbye
and a big bear hug.
but mostly, there were good times.
what a wonderful way to spend a weekend...
with my amazing baby brother.


  1. This sounds lovely.

  2. sounds like a lovely weekend...and all of the food you mentioned has got me hungry.

  3. Sounds like a great weekend hun, exp the muffins, YUM! :-)

  4. i love your love for your brother!
    and, i think we'll make those muffins next saturday morning! xo.

  5. you should absolutely make these muffins... they are my favorites! and i think i'm going to make another batch soon with the blueberries i still have left over...

  6. I really like this...a lot! I wish I had a little brother. And the picture is adorable/hilarious!

  7. sounds like a perfect weekend! glad you had an amazing one :>

  8. Your weekend just sounds perfect!

  9. family is the best!!! i can't wait until i can see mine again! there will be bear hugs all around! :D


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