intention for march: slow life down.

when i was little,
i remember distinctly my
evil uncle brent
(a title he relished and reinforced with constant good-hearted teasing)
telling me to enjoy life now
because as i get older
it is going to go by
faster and faster and faster
and that although a year may seem like an eternity
to an eight-year-old,
once you get into high school
and then beyond that,
the years just whizz past.

at the time,
i thought he was crazy
but it turns out
he was right.

since officially entering adulthood,
i find myself often mulling over the fact that one school year
as a child seemed to take forever to complete
and that by the time a two-month long summer vacation was over,
i couldn't even remember the beginning of it...
it seemed so long ago.

i started wondering what it was about adult life
that made time go by so fast.
is it because, as we get older, each passing year
is a smaller and smaller fraction of our total life?
...or, is it because as we leave the time of milestones
(graduating high school, finishing first year, then second year...)
we get lost in the routine of the every day
and we tend to put our heads down and just get through life,
rather than really enjoying & living every day to it's fullest?

i've started to believe it's the latter.
today it's march first
and i can't believe that two months of 2011
have already flown by.
so my intention for this month
is to slow life down.
what better way to do this than by making sure to
every moment & every day?

to put this plan into action,
i'm going to begin a daily practice of meditation
(something i've been terrible at before,
so i plan on starting small - a few minutes at a time- and working my way up)
to help myself live more in the now
and see the moment as it is
and i'm going to journal daily, even if it's just something small
to mark the day and the things that happened.

hopefully in these ways
i'll be able to look back on every day
and have it take up a bit of meaningful space in my mind
so that all these days don't end up just blending together
under the general title of spring.

do you notice life seems to move faster than it used to?
what do you do to slow life down?

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  1. Anonymous1/3/11

    hi Meg! Great blog, please follow mine rhapsodyinheels


  2. This is a lovely post. Yoga definitely helps, and I like your idea to meditate and journal every day, even if it's short.

  3. I do! And I don't like it! I'm also trying to remember to write in my journal more often. It's not working well, yet, but I am trying!

  4. such a good idea! i think another reason time goes by faster now is because we're always looking forward to something in the future...which is great and all, but once that thing happens we look to something else.
    as kids, we didn't really have as much to look forward to (in a way), and so time seemed to stay with us longer.

  5. What a nice resolution...
    And you did get me into thinking how time flies faster as I get older. For me, maybe its because of too many responsibilities we have and too much workload and before we knew it our day has passed and we get home tired and would give anything for a sleep and then tomorrow comes again, the same old routine.
    I too needs to slow down and reflect:(

  6. Beautiful. My life seems to be going by so fast, and I wonder when I'll be able to do the things I've been wanting to do for the past few years...work is all too time consuming, even though we need to work to make money, to support ourselves, to be able to save to do the things we love and yearn to do before we are too old to do them. Work seems to be a never ending cycle for me--infact it holds me back. But I can't just not work...I wish I could just slow down. This is very inspiring, thank you for sharing!

  7. I slow life down by drinking tea and going to yoga!! Loved this post!! XO!

  8. I always TRY to do that, live in the moment, but I never do. I always think my life is just 'waiting' to really happen. I'll REALLY being adult life...on my next birthday. When in reality I'm already 25. Doesn't feel like it though, which is why I maybe feel this way.
    Life does go by fast though. I'm like, 'Wow, another month ALREADY'?! Crazy.
    I used to always write in a journal too, but I stopped that a few years ago. But it's good to do, because it really let you see the day as it unfolded, and helps you remember. I need to re-start that. Or start a blog. Either one.

  9. Living in the moment - such a great thing to strive for. And I love the journaling idea. A great way to document what we're thankful for, and what we're feeling.

  10. you couldn't have said that more beautifully! I found your blog, and am so happy I did!

    I always need to slow down a little, sometimes I feel like I am racing with my self. And its amazing how our perspective changes as we grow older :)


  11. Love your blog and all your posts! Reading this made me remember how the days are flying by and I need to take the time to focus and reconnect with the world. Thanks!


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