movies that rock: the ex.

this probably seems like an odd choice
of movie for me to be recommending,
considering most of the past movies i've written about
are pretty girl-power based.
on the surface, the ex seems like
another mediocre comedy
which is why i was unable to persuade paul to watch it with me.
on monday while he was in his late class
i felt like vegging for awhile
and thought this would be my perfect opportunity
to let my inner zach braff lover out.
and for the most part, the critics were right:
it is a pretty mediocre comedy.
but what i loved about it was it's message
(that i'm really hoping was intentional)
about society's pressures for people to
"do what they're supposed to be doing"
when they get to a certain age (ie, late 20s)
or a certain stage in life (ie, starting a family).

see, i think the movie is really about a man,
madly in love with his wife, about to have a baby,
and feeling all sorts of external pressures
to make something of himself and support his family...
especially because his extremely career-oriented wife
is feeling external pressure to quit her job and become a full-time mom.
underneath all the hijinx, the ex shows us that
maybe it's not always just because a parent is becoming a mom 
that they will automatically be better designed
to be the stay-at-home parent,
and that a dad is not always the best one
to be the breadwinner of the family.

families (and couples)
should be doing what works best for them,
regardless of whether that fits with our societal norms or not.
the ex shows us that,
and although it's not the most well-written film,
i believe it's worth watching for it's lovely message.

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  1. I'll have to check it out! I'm always up for a good movie!


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