on closing the "wrong" doors.

closing a door can be the scariest thing in the world.

in our society's mindset today,
we are taught to be driven and to push for success.
it's a tendency that i see commonly in
newly graduated twenty-something women
to spread their wings wide and try to catch everything
that is remotely within their grasp.
thanks to the women that have gone before us,
now more than ever women have
the ability to do, be, and say almost anything and be taken seriously.
unfortunately, for many of us this means
we feel pressured to try to be & do all things
(multitasking is still seen as one of the best attributes a woman can have)
rather than following our hearts
to do the things we are meant to do
...and to do them really well.
it's scary to make a decision that cuts off
a potential avenue for your life
and i am one of those people who has deeply struggled with this,
often waiting for a decision to be made for me by circumstance
and then running with the results of it,
rather than making the decision and closing any doors myself.
but the truth is,
when we close a door on options that aren't truly right for us,
we widen the avenues in front of us that are...
allowing ourselves to devote our undivided attention
to our heart's true desires.
i've decided in recent months that guelph
isn't the right place for me to be
and i've stopped looking for university jobs here,
and started instead looking in earnest for work in toronto.
it's really scary for me to know that there may be
job opportunities that i'm missing out on
right here in my current town,
but i know in my heart that i want to live my life in toronto
(and luckily, paul agrees with me)
so i've taken the step of devoting my efforts
to finding an amazing position in the big city.
toronto is intimidating, unfamiliar, and yes - slightly scary,
but taking these steps feels very right
and i feel empowered that i was able to listen to my inner voice
and make a decision based on my true desires
rather than an immediate need for security or comfort.
how strongly do you feel your heart pushing you
in one direction or another?
do you have a hard time letting go of things that aren't right
and working towards the things that you know are?

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  1. I totally agree, and this is perfect timing to read this! I've been trying to get my craft business up and going . . . but I am realizing that it's never going to be worth the effort, and am recently changing my ways towards wedding planning! Perfect to read this, thank you! It's always scary closing doors!

    Best wishes for you!

  2. I'm so glad this is your topic!
    Letting go of the things that we know aren't right can sometimes be one of the hardest things ever, but if we don't think of all the many doors and avenues we'll be missing out on.
    Good luck with the job hunt in Toronto, it sounds like it's going to be an amazing worth while adventure!

  3. I absolutely love this post and totally agree! You have to follow your heart and leave behind things that you know aren't right for you even if it means going down an uncertain path.


  4. This is EXACTLY what I needed to hear. I just "closed some doors" myself. And you know what? It was scary. But I know deep down it was the right thing to do. What will be WILL ALWAYS find its way. Sounds like this is happening to you!


  5. Good luck with the job hunt! Let me know when you're doing interviews in town, and we'll go for coffee/food/cupcakes!

    I definitely agree that closing doors is terrifying ... when I turned down my finance job (which would have given me every opportunity of independence that my mom worked hard to ensure I could pursue) to find a job in real estate, the six months of searching with no prospects was agonizing and constant second-guessing. But it was a much better plan in the end, because I so was so much happier in real estate than I was in finance (you know, until I decided law school was a better option ...)

    I'm certain that you will find something in Toronto that will be an amazing path for you ... and if it ends up not being so, you can always find something else. Toronto isn't intimidating though! If anything, its size just gives you more opportunities to find your niche. I think there will be lots of people and places that will make it your home (like this, if you haven't seen it before: http://torontocraftalert.ca/about_tca/)

  6. I really relate to what you're going through!
    And it's really hard for me, personally, letting go for what isn't right in my life. Because for me, so far it has involved other people and it's hard to step away from them and follow my own path. I get so used to how things are going, then change things, then get used to something else! It's hard to change. For me it is. I wish it weren't!
    I think it's so great, and brave, of you to realize you want to change something big in your life, and you're making the steps to do it. Not many people would do that! And for that alone, you should be proud of yourself.
    I'm sure you'll find your place in Toronto, and I'm glad you've found a place where you feel you need to be.

  7. I think this sounds like a really exciting time for you! I'm glad you're listening to your heart and going for it!

  8. I struggle with this too. I want so badly to move to a big city and start fresh there, but on the other hand, my hometown is so dear to my heart. For me, this will happen in good time. I'm happy where I am right now, and come down the road if things change for me then it will. I'll gladly close the door and open a new one when this happens.

  9. I am super happy for you, at least you know where you want to be, I haven't even thought about what I want to be and where I want to be :(

  10. always love meeting fellow Toronto bloggers! ...I smell a blogger meet up in the near future!


  11. i'm proud of you, meg, for taking the time to listen to your heart and follow what your instinct tells you is right. good luck with everything -- and from what I know of you, you'll be a success at whatever you try or wherever you go.


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