one class.

a cranky mood & a less-than-inspired day
pushed me out the door this evening
to a hot yoga class.
as i walked to the studio
in the cold night air,
i began to deepen my breathing
and worked to gain some perspective
rather than continuing to let my mind reel
or focus on the things that were making me feel
less than pleased with my day.

after waiting for the previous class to finish,
we filed into the hot room which quickly filled with mats
and bodies settling, stretching, becoming more conscious.
our instructor asked us to lie on our backs to begin
and asked, "can you let your body settle into the ground?"
...with each inhale i became longer
and with each exhale i surrendered more and more into my mat.

we worked through a different series of poses
than i was used to,
taking everything slowly
and making sure to breathe into our positions,
using our breath to move our bodies into the spaces
where we wanted them to be.

as we worked slowly from the ground up
into virabhadrasana I,
the first warrior pose,
my front leg shook.
consciously i reached into my back heel
and just breathed,
settling deeper into the pose,
observing my sensations,
using each breath to make one small adjustment
...simply letting it all occur.

minutes passed in many downward dogs
as i pushed my hips up
and pulled my heels down towards the mat
breathing deeply into my pose
and noticing with pleasure the drops of sweat
falling silently from the tip of my nose
and the little scratches on my mat
from the evenings when mortimer decides
to join me in my home practice.

the music was silenced
and the lights were extinguished
as we relaxed in savasana,
observing breath
and surrendering to the mat.
still in the dark,
we returned to seated
and with hands to hearts
we brought to mind something we are grateful for.

i am grateful to live a life
where i have the freedom
to practice yoga...
a practice that makes me feel
more alive
more happy
and more at peace with myself
than almost anything else
that i do in my days.

i left the studio
and took a long steam & a hot shower
before returning home,
no longer feeling cranky
and definitely feeling more inspired.

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  1. this is a beautiful post that so accurately portrays the power of yoga. thank you for sharing your practice.

  2. I have been practicing yoga off and on for over 15 years. I am a much better person when I am "on."

  3. It has gotten to a point where my husband will actually say, "you need to go to yoga!" if I miss class and start to let the cranky out. It totally centers my day and makes me feel so healthy, positive and strong. Yoga should be a requirement! Beautiful post.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

    That Girl in Pearls

  4. It's so true that just one yoga class can transform our mood and perspective. Beautiful words. :-)

  5. I love love hot yoga. It's such a cleansing process - literally, but more importantly in my attitude. I always feel better - I'm so glad you found a sort of transformation there too! The power of yoga..


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