playing pretend.

 {image from here}
there is still a good amount of snow
lingering around our neighborhood,
covering up grass
and lending its chill to the air.
but i'm going to pretend that it's not there.
the sun is shining and it's springtime!
because i'm not acknowledging the snow i'm going to...

...ride my bike downtown to shop
at the yummy natural foods store
instead of hurrying to the nearby
enormous supermarket
that lacks a local, organic focus

...wear a dress with leggings, a cardigan & ballet flats
instead of jeans, boots & wool socks

...go for a run outside in the sunshine
with a curly haired puppy brimming with energy
instead of making excuses why the gym is
too far away to hit the treadmill

...explore the downtown shops
with a coffee in hand
and bask in the bright sunshine
instead of staying huddled up inside,
cursing the cold.

i'm ready for spring weather
and i'm going to act like it's here...
snow or no snow!


  1. that's cute. you never know the power of positive thinking! it just might get sunny out before you know it!

  2. amen to playing pretend!!! even though i'm in california, i too cannot wait for summer to arrive!

  3. This all sounds perfect. I'm so with you!

  4. I've said it before and I'll say it again, your photo selections are always perfect! love.

  5. it's super cold here today so maybe I ought to have that attitude, too!

  6. I agree! I bought spring clothes yesterday and i want to wear them sooo bad.

  7. This sounds amazing! Lovely photo! xx

  8. Your lists always make me so happy!!

  9. I might just need to adopt your attitude. Spring refuses to, well, spring! It's going to snow tomorrow morning. I need to just force it to be spring with my willpower!


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