spring snowstorm!

{in misguided anticipation of spring, some ontarians even got their bikes out, image from here}
when morty finally got me out of bed this morning,
i was shocked to see a winter wonderland outside my window.
it had snowed all night...
and continued to snow heavily until well after darkness fell
on our now very inappropriately fluffy white spring world.
looking at the weather forecast,
it seems the snow is going to be with us for the next few days,
so i've decided to just go with it.
so between now & sunday i plan to...

build a little snowman
curl up on the couch and
read several of my cookbooks end-to-end
try to do some baking
without resorting to the addition of white sugar
(i'm on a refined sugar cleanse for the next few weeks...
i think i miss brownies the most!)
spend long mornings under the covers with my love & my kitten
cook as many soups & stews
as i can dream up
using the last of the winter vegetables
(and maybe finally make some borscht
with the plethora of beets crowding my crisper)
discover a delicious new blend of coffee
and drink cup after cup
while i wrap myself in our cozy living room blanket
& indulge in a few novels

what's on your agenda for enjoying
your "spring" weather?

i hope whatever weather you're experiencing,
you're enjoying every minute of it.

images found via weheartit


  1. Oh my gosh its so crazy that everyone is getting snow! It was cold here in Seattle, but no snow!

  2. Anonymous24/3/11

    I'm a fellow Ontarian and I have to say, I wasn't too pleased with all the snow I saw outside my bedroom window.

    I know that what has fallen, won't last. I'm sure by next week or so we'll get some rain and it'll wash away all this snow. I guess, until then, we have to just embrace what Mother Nature has given us.

    Snow...in Spring...

  3. We had a huge snowstorm as well. I spent my time in Tahoe enjoying the heaps of snow. XOXO!


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