un reve parisien...

thanks to this lady's reference
to this photo-laden post about french sea salted caramel,
as well as this lady's recent talk about
her simmering plans to move with her love
to the city of love,
compounded by my long-carried hope 
(hoped since a two week long high school trip
that was about two years too short)
that i will one day live in paris,
and the much-too-brief time
we spent in paris on our honeymoon
(jetlagged & still in a state of shock & awe
that we were actually married)
i fell headlong into my daydreams of a parisian life.
having an empty house
and a day of no concrete plans
(meaning i had several free hours
to browse house swap websites & drool over photos of paris)
did not help.
and suddenly,
and idea i've been playing with for the past few months
thrust itself into the front of my consciousness
and now refuses to leave.
my fantasy is to
leave our apartment
in the hands of a lovely parisian couple
and spend six months in their perfect parisian flat
(i decided a home exchange would be deliciously authentic)
while paul writes and works on his dissertation
and i...
*take photos*
*sip hot drinks at cafes*
*spend hours walking the streets*
(staring up at the unequivocal paris architecture)
*write whatever i am inspired to write
in beautiful hand-bound journals*
*visit markets & butchers & fruit stands*
...and basically live an incredibly fabulous life,
visiting other european countries whenever we have the whim.
oh yes,
it's happening.

images from weheartit


  1. Oh I want to go back SO badly! I want to spend my honeymoon in London/Paris.

  2. aaaa sounds perfect and inspiring!

  3. you just made ME even more excited for my OWN dream! markets, cafes, travel... ah. love.

  4. Exciting! The fact that it's a house exchange makes it sound even more fitting.

  5. Anonymous3/3/11

    Hey Meg!!

    love your blog and it's name!!

    Please follow mine:)

  6. Anonymous3/3/11

    Ps. How do you get the different colors on words within your post?

  7. P.S. Have you ever been to this blog? http://littlebrownpen.blogspot.com/
    She lived in Paris last year and now goes back and forth working on "The Paris Colour Project"...basically describing Paris' character through pictures, but focusing on its colours.

  8. I love this post. Absolutely beauty. Oh how I love Paris and this blog :)


  9. this is very exciting!!

  10. Anonymous4/3/11

    Oh, PLEASE make it happen!! I am so happy for you for having such a beautiful dream - and the determination to match!

  11. This post makes me want to go back so badly!! Such a beautiful place!

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