a week of living life.

i sat at my desk several times this week,
hands poised above the keys,
but found i had nothing to put into words.
i spent my week living in the moment
without stopping to reflect on the moments i'm living.
my organizer's two-page spread for march 14-20
is full of plans & daydreams
scribbled in pen and green marker.
yoga classes with big, satisfied checkmarks through them...
power flow,
hot yoga.
morning runs with a curly-haired puppy
brightened my days & brought spring even closer.
an early-morning phone call from my mama
ended in booking seven flights
on three different itineraries
so that everyone in our family
can meet in hawaii
to spend a week in may
celebrating our parents' thirty years of love & marriage
at a beautiful penthouse suite
in kailua-kona.
saturday's routine was welcomed and savoured...
a trip to the farmers market and a gorgeous cheese shop,
a delicious brunch at home of
fresh croissants, local bacon &  smoked-cheddar infused scrambled eggs,
made all the more special by the knowledge that
seven years ago on this day,
we started our life together with a first date
at a waterfront restaurant in victoria.
sunday was spent in the kitchen
roasting bell peppers and roma tomatoes
for a thick thyme-spiced soup,
slicing crisp pears to toss with
arugula, walnuts, a squeeze of grapefruit juice & shaved parmesan,
and mixing sticky batter with piles of aged cheddar cheese
lunch was shared with paul's phd supervisor
and his lovely wife...
an afternoon of indulgence,
grapefruit-rose mimosas,
conversation & plans to visit their beautiful cabin
a week of indulging in small pleasures
and relishing happy moments...
feeling blessed to be here,
sharing my wonderful life
with a wonderful man
...and a wonderful kitten.

images via weheartit


  1. love love love the living and the writing here, meg. xo!

  2. Meg, the way you write is simple but full. Like your weekend :)

  3. Hawaii?! That's wonderful and sounds like so much fun :)

  4. Those photos are all so happy! :)

  5. I love this! And those photos are just wonderful!

  6. a trip to hawaii sounds dreamy! and to go with your whole family, to boot. how wonderful!


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