a weekend of...

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...toasting a gorgeous friend's birthday
at a hilarious costume party
and agreeing (gulp!) to cater her wedding!

...waking up early to visit
the long neglected (by me) and glorious
guelph farmer's market

...reading and reading and reading
...enjoying two delicious brunches of fried eggs,
montreal-style bagels
and local smoked bacon
(mmm brunch is my favorite meal of the week)

...daydreaming (as usual)
about moving to toronto,
and discovering even more amazing neighborhoods
where i'd love to live

...taking a walk in the ever-more-mild weather
and looking forward to returning to outside runs

...indulging in (many) episodes
of an unexpectedly hilarious
(and well-recommended)

...learning more about real food
thanks to michael pollan

...getting ready for monday
by checking things off my huge sunday to do list,
and doing more and more spring cleaning.

i sense spring is coming,
don't you?


  1. Anonymous14/3/11

    i love going to my local farmers market!

  2. sounds like a lovely weekend! and i'm glad to see you're reading michael pollan - really thought-provoking stuff. i'll be excited to hear your thoughts.

  3. A catering job? Yay!! Good luck :) I love the show Community, it's so funny. Michael Pollan came to my college last year but I was unable to go and listen to him speak. Which was too bad, because I was really looking forward to it.

  4. love farmer's markets! (and, in defense of food!)

    SO excited for you to cater a wedding! (and, if you're friend needs a photographer... tell her to fly me there and we'll work together! wouldn't that be lovely?!)


  5. Catering a wedding! Awesome! Good for you!
    Must be a good cook! Or a good assistant....Haha. Kidding! I'm sure you're fab!

  6. omg, that sounds like a wonderful weekend! i attended a st. patty's day parade and it was the highlight of mine... i definitely sense spring is coming!

  7. um, I love Community too! I'm so behind on the episodes, though. catering a wedding sounds scary and exciting :) wishing you much luck.

  8. Michael Pollan rocks. Eric Schlosser (Fast Food Nation guy) who also contributed to Food, Inc recently lectured at the university I teach for. You never look at food the same way after learning this stuff.

  9. hope you'll have a wonderful week ahead!!

  10. Sounds like a great weekend! I am totally with you on that lat thing. I am so ready for spring I can feel it slowly seeping into the air.

  11. another lovely weekend! loving michael pollan. and brunch, too. ;)


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