another friday, another month...

{daffodils, my favorite sign of spring, from here}
i can't believe it's friday already!
i noticed today that the fridays
just seem to keep coming & coming...
and now we're already into a new month!
maybe it's the fact that there's still snow on our ground,
but it's hard for me to believe it's already been
three whole months since we said hello to 2011.

i've realized that i do a lot of forward thinking,
and i decided that this month,
instead of just declaring my april intentions
i'm going to also look back at everything that's happened
in the first quarter of the year.

so far,
my year has consisted of:

~getting a wonderful new toy: a nikon d3100 dslr
and starting to learn how to use it~

~celebrating seven years together with my love~

~knitting a giant grey cowl to keep the cold winter away~

~beginning to learn more about the slow food movement,
and making a commitment to buy the majority of our food locally~

~consistently practicing yoga at least three times per week~

~learning to make soups, with delicious local ingredients~
~making the decision that we want to move back to a big city,
and i've begun my search in earnest for my dream job in toronto~
 ~booking a family trip to hawaii(!!)~

and i've already established goals for myself
for the rest of the year,
many of which i'm in the process of,
which include...
~volunteering regularly~
~running my first half-marathon~
~becoming a certified yoga teacher~
~finding a professional job in a field i'm passionate about~
~moving to toronto~
~starting a vegetable garden in my backyard~

so, my intention for the month of april
is to keep things in perspective.
although i haven't spent the past three months
changing the world,
i have been making baby steps every day
towards leading the life i want to live
and deciding what's going to make me feel the most happy.
this is something i want to continue to do,
so that whether my life changes drastically over the next three months
or it stays pretty much the same,
i want to always be able to look back and say,
my days have been well spent.


  1. I love this post - your goals are wonderful, but it's also nice to look back and see what the year has already brought, and what you've already accomplished in 3 short months!

    LOVING the book we're both reading :)

  2. hey i been reading you blog for a while, i love it... and i awarded you a stylish blog award... go check it out http://versatileedgyworld.blogspot.com/

    Xoxo Lisa

  3. congratulations! april will also be a fresh start for me, a good change for sure!

  4. You've already had quite a year! I can't believe we're this far into 2011 either!

  5. It sounds like we would have a lot to chat about over a cup of coffee/tea if we didn't live on opposite sides of the country.

    The cowl I've been trying to knit has been ripped out and started over about 5 times. Ack! I will persist, however.

    Way to stay positive. Your goals will come true eventually...I think enjoying the lead up to it is valuable...yet definitely hard sometimes.

  6. Hawaii with family sounds like a fun trip. When you finally move to Toronto, we should definitely meet up. Toronto is closer to me than Guelph.

  7. Wow! You have been busy! I'm also trying to get more comfortable with my DSLR. Photography is so rewarding. :)

  8. always an inspiration. i'm so proud of you for all the amazing positive changes you're making in your life -- the local food shopping, regular yoga, running, taking time to live in the present -- what a great way to be your best self!

  9. ...PS -- I'm back at contented me. ;)


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