a day of decisions, of action, of fun.

yesterday i awoke to the early morning light,
and my mind was already stirring
so i padded downstairs in my pyjamas
to daydream of toronto apartments and urban living.
when paul finally left our warm bed
(at a much more reasonable hour)
we spent the morning talking
and decided to make our daydreams real...
we're moving to toronto on june 1st!
the rest of the morning was spent giving notice at our townhouse,
browsing photos of beautiful apartments
(some much too far out of our price range, but i can't help it)
and narrowing down the list of lovely neighborhoods
we'll be willing to make our neighborhood.

by the afternoon i needed a break,
so i clipped mortimer into his collar
and we ventured into the backyard
to bask in the beautiful spring weather.
with a kitten on my lap
i indulged in literature about the practice & philosophy of yoga
while the sun warmed my legs
and the still-cold breeze made me snuggle further down
into my cozy sweater.

an evening power flow class
calmed by spinning mind,
and i realized with delight during virabhadrasana III
that i was completely absorbed in the moment,
using only my breath to control my movements
and settling with each exhale
further into the balance pose.

taking a walk in the setting sun,
i breathed deeply
and danced to the music in my ears.
spring is here!
soon it will be beach weather,
dress & flip flop weather,
wear your bikini top every day weather.

after munching on a pepperoni pizza
(our favorite dinner indulgence)
i donned leggings and his crisp white dress shirt
clasped at the waist with a thick belt
and we ventured into the chilly night
to hear some canadian music.
i danced the night away to fun electronica
and quirky canadian hip hop.

before heading home we dug into big sloppy containers
of the best poutine around
(if you've never had poutine, you need to try it, now)
and i smiled as i reflected on my fun, busy, life-changing day.

today the search for apartments continues
as we slowly take steps towards
moving our briefly small-town life
back to a big, exciting city.


  1. That's awesome and so exciting!
    As much I love my little apartment downtown in the city, I can't wait to move into a bigger condo with a balcony one day!

  2. I love days like this - when you decide to make a big change and suddently, the scenery of everything you imagine infront of you looks a little different.

    And, I loved the way this started. When you are a grown up, any day can feel like christmas.

  3. What a great post and that photo PRICELESS!! XO!! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Seems like a great day you had there!
    That's great that you're going to move back into the city. That you're going for what you guys really want. Bravo to you!

  5. Congratulations! I am truly very happy for you, and yoga sounds very interesting to me, I am quite unhealthy and I have poor balance :o I don't know if I'll be good at it

  6. Anonymous15/4/11

    moving is always exciting!!!

  7. you are the best inspiration i ve ever seen on blogsville. the story of an awesome day .. amazing :)

  8. how exciting! to move back to the big city like you'd been daydreaming about. good luck with finding a new place!


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