happy monday!

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this weekend has been a whirlwind of
apartment research
delicious meals
(including a lamb roast, butter chicken,
& a decadent brunch of smoked salmon eggs benedict)
and lots & lots of daydreams and fantasies
about our future life in toronto.
i keep telling myself to slow down...
we still have six weeks to find our perfect place
and before we do that
we're taking off for a whole week to kona, hawaii
(as if i didn't have enough to be excited about!)

gretchen rubin says that to get the most happiness from an experience,
we must first relish in the anticipation,
then participate fully in the event while it's happening,
and finally make time to look back on the happy memories.
probably my favorite of these three stages is the first one.
i spend a lot of time leaning forward,
penning my thoughts & dreams for the future in my journal
painstakingly calculating our toronto budget
so i know which apartments we'll be able to afford
and these feelings make me feel deliciously happy & excited.
but it's important for me to remember
to take things slow and enjoy the present moments as they happen as well
(for example, the first appearance of a daffodil in my backyard)
and also to continue to make the most of
every moment i am living
as they happen.
i know i'm going to look back on these days
and be glad for the time we spent
in this little town
with  our amazingly big townhouse
and our wonderful new friends
and i want these memories to be as fun-filled
and as vivid as they can be.


  1. happy monday to you :))


  2. Ahh have SO much fun in Hawaii! I love reading your blog!!


  3. such a positive, beautiful post! i know i'll look back on these days happily as well...it's good to think about that when times get stressful! have a beautiful day!

  4. that is very sweet meg! i too love anticipation...i would be freaking out over the hawaii trip - it's always been a dream to go there! good luck with the search and have fun relishing :)

  5. That photo made me smile form ear to ear!! :)

  6. so excited for you! i agree that anticipation is oftentimes the most wonderful part! can't wait to hear more about your transition.

  7. all three of those stages are fun, but I agree, the anticipation might be the best part. What wonderful things you have to look forward to!

  8. you have so much to look forward to!
    xo, K
    PS - I LOVE that photo you posted today. So fun!

  9. I know it can seem overwhelming, but you'll get it done :)


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