a letter to toronto

dear toronto,
thank you so much for the lovely visit yesterday.
i'm so sad i didn't bring my camera,
but after seeing the rain pouring from the sky
as i left my house,
i didn't think it would be the best day for photos anyway.
i was wrong...
leslieville is a gorgeous neighborhood
that i wish i'd been able to capture
(although you should have a chat with your shopowners...
so many of them
-including the three cupcake shops i hunted down-
were closed on monday!)
i loved looking down your long, straight streets
and seeing the massive downtown buildings in the distance.
thanks especially for the amazing yoga class
which definitely lived up to its rave reviews...
i'll be back as soon as i can!
hopefully we'll be able to hang out lots more,
and eventually maybe i'll even make the commitment
to move my stuff in and call you home.

lots of love,

images of toronto
from here&here&here 


  1. It ended up being a pretty nice day in the city yesterday! Leslieville is an area I have yet to go to, but I'm thinking I may make my way there this summer :)

  2. Anonymous5/4/11

    I live in Toronto and would you believe, I've never even heard of Leslieville nor did I know we even had such a place!! I'm ashamed.

    I'm going to Google this hidden gem right now!!

  3. i love your photos so much
    it is amazing blog :)


  4. tasha & bree - leslieville is a lovely neighborhood! each time i get to spend a day in toronto, i try to visit a new neighborhood, there are so many amazing & unique areas. leslieville surrounds queen st east, past the don valley parkway. check out bobbette&belle for gorgeous cakes, sophie's for a yummy french lunch (house-made quiche & pains of chocolat? yummm!) - a quick search of "toronto leslieville" should turn up a number of blogs with info about the neighborhood, definitely worth spending a day there! xo

  5. these are beautiful. I've never been to Toronto! Looks just full of life!!!

  6. I haven't been to Toranto in years - such a cool city though!

  7. what a cute little love letter. :) Made me smile.

  8. I have never been to Toronto. I love the pictures. Oh and boooo about the 3 cupcake shops that were closed on a Monday.

  9. I love these photos!!!!!! Namaste!

  10. Great photos-I love the third one.

  11. aw, how kind of Toronto for being such a pleasant host!

  12. sooo glad you love toronto! :) x


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