holiday reading

{reading at magic sands beach...
our favorite pasttime}
we spent about half our time in kona
on the beach.
oh, those glorious sandy beaches
with waves perfect for body surfing
and crystal clear waters,
full of tropical fish and exploring sea turtles!
i brought along some amazing reading material
that i thought i'd share with you...
by sylvia plath
this is a deeply moving book
that really resounded with me.
it's about a young girl struggling with depression,
and is apparently rather autobiographical.
sadly, sylvia plath died before she ever saw
her only novel published under her own name.
i absolutely recommend this book...
it's a frank look at depression from the inside perspective
of someone suffering from it.
by garth stein
although i don't typically gravitate
towards new york times bestsellers,
i decided to give this one a chance
because the story is told
from the perspective of the family dog, enzo.
i'm so glad i did...
the way the book was written
(enzo's thoughts, philosophies on life, and feelings)
couldn't possibly be truer to how i always imagined
a dog would think and feel.
if you are a true dog-person like me, this book is a must-read.
it's unbelievably heart-warming and soul-crushing
all at the same time,
and it's definitely a book i will come back to.
if you're reading it on a holiday though,
i suggest you keep tissues & sunglasses handy...
i cried pretty much non-stop while reading
on the planes & buses all the way home.


  1. ugh SO jealous of your beach time ;) I can lay on the sand for hours, unlike the people (aka most of my friends/fam) who get "bored" and need to jump in the water, haha. Thanks for the book reviews, I am in the market for some good summer reading suggestions!

  2. I miss the beach so much ,but i'm glad you had a good time :)


  3. I just love your blog, Meg :) I've written down the name of the two books and I'm definitely going to read them. Anyone who reads The color purple, which is my favourite book, must have a great taste in books ;)

  4. Lena, I'm just starting to read The Color Purple, and it's amazing so far. I get a lot of book recommendations from my husband, who is an English PhD student. He has to buy so many books for his dissertation, it's kind of like having a library in my own house! I'll be sure to post more books that I've loved in the future (in the meantime, you should also check out the books listed in my sidebar column "the best ways to pass an afternoon" - it's a list of some of my all-time favorite books)

  5. I read the Art of Racing in the Rain and loved it! I have a tab of all my favorite books on my blog if you need some more suggestions:)

  6. welcome back!! I'm definitely going to have to read these and am adding them to my list pronto! can't wait to hear more about your trip. it sounds just heavenly.

  7. i just bought the art of racing in the rain! thanks for the recommendation :) check on my latest post for some of my recent fav reads.


  8. Anonymous11/5/11

    I own that book, the bell jar & I suffer from depression. I have yet to read it (as I'm reading a different book at the moment) maybe once I finish my current book, I will give that one a read.

    your other books look good too. I saw the movie the colour purple but have yet to purchase it.

  9. In college I took a course, American Women Writers, and we read The Bell Jar. It is a great book. I'm thinking of re-reading it this summer cause it's been awhile. I just love the sunshine and books. I could get absorbed in them all day lonnnnnnng!

  10. Thanks for these great book recommendations ~ I've read the Bell Jar and agree it's quite good, so excited to check out your second reco here! :)

  11. I love reading about what people are reading. I'm behind the times and just now in the middle of Water for Elephants. Unfortunately, since I'm a high school teacher and buried in end-of-the-year chaos, it's been slow-going. Can't wait for summer, when I'll be able to read with zest. ;)

  12. I don't know that I could read Plath on a sandy beach vacation - but that IS an amazing book.

    When I'm on vacation - I much prefer magazines. It's like my brain knows it's time to shut off and just can't handle literary reading.

    But US Weekly? Bring it on.


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