canadian crushes.

i've gotten a lot more interested over the past year
in experiencing canadian authors & artists.

 here are a few native canucks i've been swooning over lately...

mariko tamaki

mariko's book
"true lies"
is hilarious.
the kind of funny
that's extra funny because you know it's true
and you can definitely relate.
i am hoping to track her down
and see her perform live
sometime soon.

i first heard land of talk live last weekend
at the nxne festival in dundas square near our house.
since then i've been listening to their mellow indie-rock
non-stop at work.
this montreal-based band has a lead singer
who grew up in guelph (!!)
and their sometimes french, sometimes english songs
are enchanting and beautiful.

mordechai richler
we watched barney's version
the other night,
a critically acclaimed canadian film
that came out last year.
paul kept saying "i think this is based on a book"
so after the movie i looked up the author,
and i realized he's the writer of the jacob two-two
kids' books i heard so much about as a babysitter.
i am excited to begin reading some of his novels,
and i definitely recommend this movie
which was heartfelt and real,
and very very sad.

who are you crushing on lately?

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  1. Anonymous23/6/11

    I loved that movie, Barney's Version!! It was beautifully written and wonderfully acted out.

    Or at least I thought so...


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