grown up kitty.

our little guy turned 1-year-old yesterday!
it's hard to believe how big he's gotten...
he's a real full-grown kitty now,
and so friendly!
mortimer greets us by the front door when we come home
and rolls around on the ground asking for pets & belly rubs.
he carries on whole conversations with us
(meowing in response to every question),
brings his ball onto the bed before we go to sleep
for one more game of fetch,
and loves to join us wherever we go in the apartment.
since we moved into our new flat,
he is obsessed with the hallway outside our front door
and runs out to explore it every chance he gets
(although he seems confused about
why we keep spending so much time
in a big narrow room that's just a series of more doors!)
the day we picked him out from the humane society
was a happy one for me...
i had been a bit lonely moving so far away from family & friends
(and i had half-convinced myself our townhouse was haunted)
so paul agreed we could go look at the kittens...
we didn't know that our hearts would be stolen
he was so shy at first and wouldn't look us in the eye,
but we quickly became a happy little family.
this is mort on the day we met him:
just a little 10-week-old baby!
i'm so happy we decided our life in ontario
wouldn't be complete without a cat...
happy birthday little mortimer!


  1. awww how cute. how birthday to your kitty.

  2. Awh! So cute! Happy Birthday to him!
    I have a kitten, but he's only about 9 weeks old!

  3. Anonymous14/6/11

    Cute, and many happy returns of the day to him :) Xo Xo

  4. aww look at that darling! <3 happy birthday to this little sweetheart! <3

  5. So cute. Cats are the best!

  6. adorable! happy birthday, mortimer :)

  7. Happy Birthday Mortimer...so cute!


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