it's the smell of honey in the air.

summer just has a different feeling than the other seasons.
it's the feeling that it's okay to spend hours
(or even whole days)
doing absolutely nothing productive.
it's a feeling that makes you want to expose your toesies,
craft homemade lemonade, and have impromptu picnics.
it's the feeling of putting away the award-winning fiction
you read on cold, dark winter nights
and pulling out something easy & light, just for fun.
it's the feeling that the end of your workday is really
just the start of the real day,
because the sun will still be up for hours!
it's the feeling that having sun-lightened, crunchy, salty hair
is suddenly the best kind of hair to have.
it's the feeling that no matter what you're doing in that moment,
whether you're sitting at a desk bored out of your mind
or sleeping in until noon,
the next great adventure is just around the corner.

 happy first day of summer!


  1. I love this list! I completely agree. Happy summer!

  2. yes! a hike and swim in the river yesterday, a little canoe paddling and fish fry today. nothing quite like summer living! i hope you enjoy every minute of it in your new place!

  3. Anonymous21/6/11

    Oh I'm loving summers too. Have a great summer ahead :) X

  4. It's finally here:)

  5. yay SUMMER!!! :) xo - this list also makes me smile!

  6. I completely agree with everything on this list. Especially the "crunchy, salty" hair. Looooove the beach-do. :)

    Happy summer!

  7. This is so beautiful and definitely true. Love your writing(:

  8. So true!! In fact I emailed my hubby and told him to met me at the beach tonight after work...summer is here to be enjoyed!! :)

  9. Love the list and this blog! Yay for summer :)

  10. Hi Meg,
    I stumbled upon your blog by chance (I think a book blogger that I'm working with follows your blog) and the title got me. :) Do you review books on here? I could send you a free ebook if you would like to consider reading and reviewing my debut novel GRAY, by Rachel Karns. You can look it up before answering (on Amazon.com) It's Young Adult realistic fiction... an easy quick read... hopefully fun, too. Just thought I'd throw it out there, because your blog is great! rachelkarns@gmail.com


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