one last time.

juicy tomatoes
mmm spring asparagus
naturally made soaps
homemade bowls
jams jams jams
freshly squeezed juice
fresh squeezed juice, so good!
trout lily 4
beautiful opal basil
trout lily 1
tomato plants
sandi's products
sandi's pickled beets are to die for
yummy locally raised meat
my favorite stand at the market... thatcher farms!
salami at thatcher's
mmm salami
flowers & guelph market
the best place to get flowers
waiting by the guelph market
waiting for their walk to continue!
books 4
our favorite guelph used bookstore
i feel like this week will be full of lasts.
one of my favorite things to do
when shutting one door in my life
and walking through the next one
is to count off the lasts...
during my last semester of school it was
"last midterm!"
"last reading break!"
"last all day cramming session!"
"last bachelor exam ever!!!"

now it's the last looks out at our gorgeous backyard
(whose lush green trees i will miss)
last showers with my cute fish showercurtain
(our new place has an enclosed shower)
last times walking up and down the townhouse stairs endlessly,
because i always seem to need something on another level!

on saturday,
i had my last visit to the guelph farmer's market.
i will miss this market dearly,
so i took a bunch of pictures to help me remember...
but thankfully there is the st.lawrence market in toronto
and a plethora of farmers markets every day of the week
that i can frequent!

ps, i can't promise more posts this week...
our internet is scheduled to be cut off today
and i have no idea when it could happen.
if i can survive the rest of this week
of craziness with no internet,
i promise to post again as soon as i can next week!


  1. My goodness, I love asparagus that skinny. And those tomatoes look divine. I'm sure it's tough to leave, but you'll have all new places that you love just as much. It's exciting!

  2. Blogger hasn't let me post for the past few days (because it is so awesome and all...) but I just wanted to say congrats and good luck on the move! I can't wait to read about it and see photos of toronto :)

  3. Yummy tomatoes! Good luck with the new place. Hopefully in your next post you can count the first for your new place, maybe the first place you guys went to around the neighborhood, something. =)

  4. Anonymous1/6/11

    Best of luck girl :) Can't wait to see pictures of Toronto x x

  5. omigosh wow!! so much goodness in this post! and foood gah, jams, breads and freshly squeezed juice, I am starving!

  6. Yay for last exams etc!! CONGRATS!! XO.


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