our first week: absorbing the city.

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looking around at the exquisite details of our new home,
i spent this week slowly absorbing our new environment...
~the granite countertops & mirrored backsplash~
~the green glassed bedroom door,
flooding our bed with light every morning~
~the glass island breakfast bar & lean black bar stools~
~the decadently deep soaker tub, begging to be filled~
~the wall of floor-to-ceiling windows
and a view replete with buildings & trees~
~the shiny new & whisper quiet appliances,
happily cleaning dishes & linens~
the feeling that we were vacationing in a luxury hotel
lingered with me for many days
and i still feel giddily happy.

my parents visited
and we spent many hours cooking & eating,
trying new restaurants
shopping for spring clothes
walking new streets
and taking in the bustle of the city.
on their last night in town
i visited the market for arborio rice & a naturally raised chicken
and made a dinner of creamy mushroom risotto
and lemony roasted chicken
which we enjoyed with an exquisite new zealand wine, their gift to us.
they took us to see a show at the theater next door,
full of dancing, struggle, singing.
laughter & tears.

an early morning run through the streets & sunshine,
a visit to a farmer's market on the university campus,
a jaunt along the boardwalk watching the waves crash,
and a long bike ride around the city
interspersed with stops to dig for records
and hunt for delicious licorice teas
made my week complete.

with many more weeks of our busy city summer in front of us,
life truly seems blessed.


  1. Anonymous13/6/11

    Nice to know that you are enjoying :) Have a happy life ahead xo xo

  2. awwh, it sounds like an amazing place to be <3

  3. sounds so exactly perfect for you two and everything you've been dreaming of!

  4. Sounds wonderful!!

  5. I want to move to Torronto after reading your blog!!

  6. Awhhh! Congratulations!

  7. SO happy for you! I've been stopping by your blog for many months now, and I just wanted to say that you inspire me. I can imagine your new home and am so excited to read about your adventures there!

    Wishing you love and light,


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