settling in.

the boxes have been moved (in the pouring rain!) and unpacked
the rooms are set up and organized
the kitten is no longer looking at us like we're crazy people...
we are HOME!

it's still very surreal to be living in a gorgeous flat
in downtown toronto
but it's slowly sinking in
that we can leave our front door
and are suddenly in the middle of the busiest area
in the busiest city in canada.

we're spending this week
getting used to our new surroundings,
hanging our pictures,
and visiting with my parents who are in town until sunday.

i'll have pictures to post soon!


  1. hooray!!! can't wait to hear all about your new digs!

  2. oh this is great news!! <3 yes, please post photos soon <3

  3. Anonymous10/6/11

    Congrats Honey :) x x

  4. so exciting!! tell your folks i say hello!


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