dear summer...

thanks for being around,
and for being so amazing this year.
i can't believe what my poor friends back
on the west coast are dealing with
(a high of 18C and rainy half the week?!)
 in light of this,
i promise i will never complain
about how hot you get
here in toronto...
even on thursday when you're planning
a temperature of 35C and probably enough mugginess
to melt my skin right off me.
although i'm not looking forward to hair that's so frizzy
i can't pull my fingers through it
and that keeps it's messy bun shape
even when i've taken the elastic & all the pins out,
or weather so hot & sticky that
i don't really want to wear any clothes outside at all,
i promise to enjoy every last moment of you
before the snow comes again.
we're loving how bike-able toronto is
and we've been taking advantage of all the fun things to do
around town while you're here, summer.
everyone seems to want to show off to you,
so there's no shortage of street festivals,
free concerts, outdoor movies,
and farmers markets.
thanks for inspiring such creativity!
oh and speaking of farmers markets,
i really appreciate the beautiful strawberries & cherries
you've been giving us.
they're delicious, and i could totally eat them all day.
i have to admit though, the things i'm most looking forward to
is my all-time favorite fruit... blueberries!
i promise if you give us a good batch of blueberries this year,
that i'll put them in everything.
i'll even buy extra & freeze them for when
cold, grumpy winter comes along.
maybe i'll even make my first attempt at jam!
they always remind me of summers growing up
when blueberries grew in our backyard
way higher than our heads
and we'd pick bucketfuls to put on ice cream & cereal.
i could never get tired of these little pearls of sunshine.
to me, lying on a dock eating blueberries for hours
and then jumping into cool, fresh water
is the epitome of summer.
and summer, if you promise to stick around
as long as possible,
i promise to enjoy you every single day while you're here.
and probable write you a few more love letters one you're gone,
encouraging you to come back soon.

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  1. it's a good promise. The West Coast has been experiencing a trick summer ( rain rain go away ... but hey, what can we expect in Portland. I'm so happy your summer is shaping up to be wonderful! It seems so unfair that it only comes once a year

  2. lovely! even though it's so humid you can practically "see" it, i'll still take it over a cold, windy winter day. keep it coming, summer!

  3. Love this!! And, I love Summer! xo.

  4. Wonderful blog. Your interests mirror mine!

  5. I love your summer love letter/poem! I really wish I had some of that weather here right now, my goodness! Blueberries and cool water.. I can almost taste/feel it!

  6. Yep - I'm one of the West coasters dealing with a nonexistent summer, boo!!!

  7. I love your post! Love your optimism and joy!


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