dreaming of life.

before the elegantly modern 10th floor apartment,
before the happy days spent working at a world-class university,
before the bike rides through crowded city streets,
before the saturday mornings spent shopping
for local fare at the st. lawrence farmers market,
i dreamed of this life.
i spent an achingly slow bus ride into the city that i would
(unknowingly, at the time)
soon call my home penning thoughts,
faster than would allow a neat hand,
of what i wanted my future life to be.

i wrote enthusiastically of rising in the early morning
for runs along tree-lined streets,
of the scent of good coffee filling our cozy living space.
i wrote of settling into a work environment
that assured my heart i was moving in the right direction
and which would let us enjoy our city life by supporting
our ventures out to new restaurants and cafes,
to examine art and theater exhibits,
to view newly-released-to-the-world festival films,
as a regular part of our lives.
i wrote of enjoying every moment of our life together
by taking full advantage of the amazing culture & excitement
that would be simmering all around us.

and now that we have made that life ours,
i am looking forward to the next steps of my life,
as i dreamed that day in blue ballpoint ink
on crisp, thick, ivory journal pages.
dreams of eventually becoming a family of four,
of children with names full of romance
and literary reference,
with dark curls like mine and long eyelashes like their father's.
dreams of months spent abroad in paris
and in a little apartment in the heart of new york.
dreams of a higher education,
one that will eventually lead me to start my own business
into which i'll pour my heart and soul...
a business that will integrate me into my community
and keep our family in the heart of
a culture and excitement filled city.
dreams of a life of everyday joy & fulfillment.
dreams of a retirement to a secluded little cottage on a lake
where a vegetable garden flourishes
and brown hens roam freely,
happily providing us with eggs every morning.
dreams of welcoming fresh, eager faces into
a secluded, sun-filled, hard-wood-floored space
for weekend yoga retreats
while he writes and plays old records to his heart's content.
dreams of grandchildren passing lazy summer vacations,
hot, muggy weeks where every bedroom is filled with family
and love is all around.

i dream of life that will one day be...
a life that is full, a life that is happy.

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  1. what an amazing post!!

  2. awh, i hope there will come a time in my life when I can post something as wonderful as this =,(

  3. one the most enchanting posts you've ever written. i simply love reading your dreams! take a moment to soak up and revel in this present that you once only dreamed of. love you! xx.

  4. Meg, this is beautiful. What an amazing vision you manifested for yourself! It shows the power of writing down your hopes and dreams. So happy for you and the joy you've created for yourself.


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