happy friday!

here are a few things making me happy today:
 ~it's much less hot today (phew!) ...only 31C yay!~
~playing passion pit loudly in the office
because no one else is around~
~turquoise eyeliner, just for fun~
~going out for a fancy french lunch~
~wearing a messy chignon with a gold headband,
a hairstyle that both keeps my hair off my neck
(to keep me cool)
AND looks adorable~
~knowing there's spiked lemonades waiting for me at home!~

have a great weekend, kiddos!

{image from here}


  1. love this list!! that hairdo sounds lovely! and actually it kinda sounds like mine right now, except that i have a pink headband on :)

  2. Happy weekend to you as well, Meg! You can send some heat my way if you like; it's cold a dreary in Calgary! Stay cool!

  3. Your list made me happy! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. aw i love this list so much!!

  5. Anonymous23/7/11

    such cute image! have a happy and lovely Friday with all things that make you happy! xoxo


  6. I have not been able to stop listening to Passion Pit for the past few weeks. Chunk Of Change is ALWAYS playing on repeat on my ipod. Good choice, ladyface =)


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