how to enjoy hot weather.

today, with the humidity,
the weather in toronto reached 49C.
for all you americans, that's 120F.
understandably, it wasn't the best day to be outside.
sadly for me, i had a meeting across town
in the middle of the day
and chose to ride my bicycle there
(i figured, hey, it's downhill! i didn't think about the ride back...)
so i was hot.
but, i decided to make the most of it.
so, here is how we enjoyed the hot weather once i cycled home
(downhill, once again, yay!)

1. make a crispy snack.
potatoes, cut
fries, tossed
fries & honey mustard dip
2. pour some delicious, icy drinks.
3. put on some rockin' tunes.
spinning records
4. head outside.
morty, sunning
5. relax.

homemade fries
slice up potatoes (after washing) into wedges
toss in 1tbsp olive oil & generous salt, pepper & paprika
bake in a single layer at 450F for 30-40min,
turning once (use a flipper to avoid fries sticking to pan)
take them out when they're crispy, dip in something delicious,
and enjoy!
(we make honey mustard dip with mayo, dijon mustard & organic honey.
mix to your taste)

spiked ginger-mint lemonade
(adapted from here)
1/2 cup (packed) freshly-picked mint leaves
1/4 tsp powdered ginger
1/3 cup brown sugar (adjust to taste)
2 cups boiling water
1/3 cup lemon juice
1 can dry apple cider

add mint, ginger, sugar & boiling water to a bowl,
steep for 15 minutes.
add lemon juice and 1 1/2 cups ice cubes.
once the ice cubes melt, fill two glasses with ice cubes
and add 1 oz vodka to each.
fill 3/4 full with lemonade mixture,
then top up with apple cider
(use club soda if you prefer).
serve with a straw & a sprig of mint to garnish.
it's like a crisp fruit pie in a glass!
(repeat as necessary, or until lemonade is gone...)

i figure, if it's going to be hot,
you might as well enjoy it!


  1. You are BRAVE to bike in that heat we had today. It was disgusting, I was outside for all of about 5 minutes before I couldn't handle it!

  2. That is some serious heat to be biking in. My dad is Canadian and told me the stories of walking up hill both ways to school in the snow... I didn't realize there were any "down hills" :) The snacks looked delicious!

  3. wow those fries look like they're cooked to perfection! yum!

    i can't believe it's even hotter there than it is here! i can't imagine riding my bike in this weather! go you! i've stayed inside mostly the past several days & i'm going a little stir crazy!

  4. kristin22/7/11

    Thanks for the translation to our silly Farenheit degrees. We had that nasty heat last week into beginning of this week. Hope it moves out of your way soonest! And thanks for the liquid recipe - tasty ;)

  5. mmm! looks delicious! i can't believe you biked all the way across town! were you a sweaty mess?

  6. everything looks perfect for the summer time :) I will take some french fries and a beverage and a kitty cuddle.

    have a great weekend!

  7. gratefulmama: well, it's not really much of an hill, just a slight incline (but in the heat, you definitely notice that one way is much harder than the other!)
    kristin: haha yes, i was rather sweaty! luckily my office is pretty casual so i could chill out in a tank top until i cooled off :)

  8. that is my all-time favourite photo of paul - it's just so very 'him'.
    you can send a little of that sunshine & warmth our way! i'm wearing boots right now. knee-high black leather boots over jeans, it's that cold here!

  9. that lemonade sounds SO good right now. I just got so much more thirsty! hope you have a lovely weekend...

  10. This is such a great post! Love it



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