mindful living mondays

i've decided to start a new series on curls&coffee called
mindful living mondays,
and i'd love to share it with you if you're interested.

over the past few years,
i've made a big effort to start living my life in a more mindful way,
to me this means that trying to be more conscious of
how i'm spending my days,
where & how i'm living,
what i'm eating & where it comes from,
how (& with whom) i spend my time,
what my interests are & how i pursue them,
and generally moment-to-moment making sure
i'm living (or working towards creating) the life i want.
rather than letting life just happen to me,
i've decided i want to take charge
and steer my life towards what i picture to be my ideal.

every monday, i'll be writing about how i've changed my life
to live more mindfully,
and the advice or suggestions i have for others
who want to do the same,
and i'd love for you to join the discussion!

for this week, before i really get started,
i'm wondering...
what does living mindfully mean to you?

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  1. I love this topic! I'm struggling with trying to live my life for ME. I've focused a lot on eating better, exercising, and now I need to focus on filling my time with productive activities rather than wasteful ones.

  2. I love this! Living mindfully to me means part of what you said--making choices to give us the life we want, not just what comes our way. Every choice we make contributes to what is happening in our lives, so if we make those choices mindfully we will be closer to where we want to be! I want to be better too, so thank you for introducing this topid!

  3. Love this, looking forward to it! xx

  4. Great topic. I struggle with this a lot. Mindful living for me means keeping life uncomplicated. I'm trying to keep my life as simple as possible and it's definitely a work in progress. Finding balance is my main goal right now.

  5. Anonymous26/7/11

    looking forward to this. and what a good question to start with. I try to live mindful, too, but often I wonder if I follow other's ideas of what mindful is to them. seems like exercising and yoga are a must... you get caught up so easily in what everyone else around you is doing. for now I'm trying to follow my own wishes and hopes.

  6. Great idea! Looking forward to reading them x


  7. Anonymous26/7/11

    I love this idea, Meg! I think everyone struggles with the idea of conscious (and authentic) living and it will be inspirational to hear about how you're doing it. Can't wait!


  8. I love this! To me, living mindfully is embracing the simple things in life and not taking things for granted.

  9. oh what a great start, now I've Mondays to look forward to. I'm not so happy with my life and I never told anyone that before. I feel like there's always something or someone pulling me down and just stopping me from getting what I want. :(

  10. Great topic idea.. I'm so pleased that I found your blog! :) My entire blog is practically about mindful living in every aspect of life (or, well.. I try to make it as much like that as possible!). Living mindfully means very much to me what you explained in your post.

  11. SOunds like a great idea! i look forward to it :)
    Um those fries look delish in your last post! YUM

  12. a great idea :) for me, living mindfully means living in the moment. too often, I'm thinking about things in the past or things in the future... when what really matters is right NOW.

  13. I love this! It's so important to take notice, and to be intentional about life.

  14. i think this is a great idea! i always come to curls&coffee for living inspiration. i like your idea of slowing down... i think that would be mindful living for me since i feel like i am always rushing from one thing to the next.


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