monday morning.

i hit snooze on my alarm when it began to buzz at 7am.
so! early!
but then i rolled over & the sun hit my face
and i remembered... i get to start work a half hour later today,
because i made a date with myself to go for a run!
i slid out of bed,
proud of myself for taking the initiative
to carve out this special spot in my day,
just for myself & my health.
as i took the elevator down ten floors
and headed out into the sunshine
with michael jackson's "don't stop til you get enough" in my ears,
i felt strong & happy.
i thought "what better way could there be to start a week?"

life has other plans.
later while packing my lunch
(quinoa & chicken salad, lovingly prepared for me
by my adoring husband the night before)
the tupperware exploded open,
tossing quinoa & chicken
(and red peppers & asparagus)
all over my kitchen!
...and splashing oily dressing all over my new skirt.
i was devastated!
and trying to clean up made me late for work.
and when i arrived, i found the office in a state of chaos
because my colleage hadn't arrived yet.
and...because of the mess at home,
i hadn't had the chance to prepare my morning coffee,
and i now had a splitting headache.

sitting here now with a coffee (finally!) in hand,
and an incredibly sweet email from my man at home
saying he happily finished cleaning up my mess
and that he hopes the rest of my day only gets better,
i can think back on those early morning moments
when it was just me & my music
ticking off the kilometers
in the sunshine
and remember that my week did get off to a good start,
even if sometimes it doesn't feel like it.

{photos from here & here}


  1. You're one lucky lady to have a man to clean up your mess:)

    Isn't it annoying to have something spilled on your clothes? One of my pet peeves...

    Love your images and quotes ♥

  2. It's all about perspective isn't it? Love yours and happy new week!

  3. WHAT a great post!! Thank you for this. Attitude is everything.

  4. Have a great week :)

  5. awww this is such a good and inspiring post! its important to start Mondays right <3

  6. Great post for a monday ! x

  7. Rough start but I'm glad it got better. Good for you taking initiative and what a sweet man making you dinner and sending such lovely emails!

  8. I definitely had a case of the mondays today, too. I'm working on looking on the bright side, and though I'm finding it hard the simple exercise of trying is making a difference. Have a wonderful week!

  9. what a rollercoaster of a morning! good thing you built up all those calm feelings from your run or imagine how you may have reacted to the "Quinoa Incident of 2011" (which I am hereby calling it!)... you might still be a crying puddle on the floor if you hadn't taken the time to grow those happy feeling endorphins from your run. hope your tuesday and wednesday keep getting better. xoxo


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