still dazed from our fabulous cottage weekend,
i awoke slowly to a much greyer than usual morning.
with no sun to wake me up
(and still sleepy after a pale-orange kitten
endlessly rattled the crockpot lid at 4am,
trying to get a paw-ful of the chicken stock that was bubbling away)
i slept later than usual.
i realized through my cloudiness
that we were still out of coffee beans,
and lamented that my requisite monday morning caffeine
would have to wait until my arrival at work.
feeling the hot damp mugginess of an impending thunderstorm,
i left my happy little bike where she was
and hopped on the subway train,
the first time i've felt enough of a threat of rain to do so
since we moved into our little downtown apartment.
my day was spent remembering the fun of
swimming in a warm lake,
playing board games all night,
making extremely gooey s'mores,
and sharing laughter and stories...
the things that come along on a weekend away
with very dear friends.
this evening we'll hope the rain holds off
while we stroll down to the market
to pick out some local meats, produce and delicious cheese
(we can never resist the cheese)
before cuddling up to watch a movie
and enjoying the end of a cloudy monday.

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  1. What a great get-away!!!! Glad you had a fabulous time!:)


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