time flies.

 {from here}
i have been a little absent this past week,
and it's partially because we had some very special visitors
(paul's parents were in town!)
and they kept us on our toes
doing fun, touristy things.
but, it's mainly because while we've been doing
so many wonderful things,
i've been taking lots of lovely pictures
but my computer still lives in the stone age
and it's a massive headache to edit & upload the photos
(do i have twenty hours to spare waiting around
while my computer chugs along?
no, i do not.)
and since i don't want to post about our adventures
without including some of the amazing photography that goes with it,
i've been hesitant to post.

so i'm asking sweetly
that you bear with me
as i continue to try to find the time
(and the patience!)
to get my photos all set to be placed lovingly into blog posts.

it will be soon,
i promise!
taking time to reflect on my days here
makes them seem even better,
and i love thinking that i'll have this record to look back on
in later years,
so i want to continue to do it.

(and i'm counting down the days until
we get brand new macbooks this autumn!)

until then,
get outside & enjoy the sunshine!


  1. oh you are always such a sweetheart! we'll be here waiting for you! <3

  2. Anonymous5/7/11

    Will be waiting for the pictures. And congrats for Macbooks :) X


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