goodbye august.

 {from here}

the perfect end to an amazing summer month...
a long afternoon walk with one of my very best friends,
a delicious dinner,
and a long conversation over coffee.
the air was perfect for walking around:
warm, but with a slight breeze
that whispered,
"fall is coming. wear your sweater."
browsing through anthropologie
and chatting across aisles of pretty fall clothes,
between sniffs of beautifully-scented candles
we caught up on all the goings-on of our lives
and gushed excitedly about how happy we are
to finally be living in the same city again!
and best of all...
i sweet-talked the barista at starbucks
into putting pumpkin spice syrup
in my americano misto,
before their fall drinks are even released!

now i'm headed back out for a walk in the city night air...
with a sweater of course.
i think i'm going to enjoy autumn in toronto.


  1. I love long conversations over coffee!!! XO!

  2. I love this :) Hurray for Autumn!

  3. Lovely words to say goodbye to summer and welcome Fall... love the image too &herats;

    Nice post ♥

  4. A little bit of pumpkin spice always puts a smile on my face!

  5. perfect post and picture!



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