happy happy (sleepy) friday!

an unexpected sore throat
and debilitating achey muscles
are probably going to force me to take it easier this weekend
than i would otherwise like to.
still on the agenda...
biking to brickworks, a new (to me) farmers market
on saturday morning
watching a large amount of foreign films
(usually i'm too exhausted to want to watch and read at the same time,
so paul will be very happy when he reads this)
making plans for our fall trip to new york city
(it's going to be our first time there...
any suggestions for where to go and what to do?
we have three days!)
lots of cuddles and lots of sleep,
because feeling yucky like this
is not fun when we're having such beautiful weather!

enjoy your weekend,

{image from here}


  1. new york! love!
    i cannot highly enough recommend everything on here:

  2. http://alicesteacup.com/

  3. Aww, feel better! What are some good foreign films? I like your blog. It's very relaxing.

  4. New York is amazing. I loved everything about it. MoMa is very nice ;)
    Hope you feel better. If it makes you feel any better I am having one of those easy weekends with musicals.
    Really nice blog. I just started doing Vinyasa yoga.. how has it worked for you?

  5. Rojo: I love vinyasa. The flow wakes me up and makes me feel alive! and it gets my blood pumping too. I'm glad you're trying it out!

  6. aww feel better girl- ps adore your blog by the way xo


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