if i had today...

that barking alarm that jolted me awake?
it would get turned off. permanently.

when i felt good & ready,
i would ease out of bed,
wrap myself in my incredibly soft & cozy morning throw
and my green silk pyjama pants,
pour some hot water over deep, dark coffee grounds
and let my stainless steel bodum make me the perfect cup of coffee.

this would be enjoyed on the balcony,
with a kitten,
and an engrossing novel.

a steamingly hot shower
with delicious smelling shampoo
would relax my body after an hour spent on my yoga mat,
breathing deeply and taking in the perfect day.
donning a summer dress,
with my curls bound on one side
by a barrette,
i would venture to queen west & liberty village
to shop for fall clothes,
soft lingerie,
and home decor.

i'd slide my shopping bags into a window booth
at a lovely little restaurant
overlooking the busy street
where my handsome husband would meet me
after his morning spent reading & researching at home.
we'd share a zippy summer salad and sandwich
and a big piece of pie
before strolling home hand in hand,
our other hands holding iced teas to ward off the heat of midday.

we'd spend the afternoon
on the 26th floor of our building,
mint juleps in hand,
playing pool in the billiards room that overlooks toronto's east end.
i'd win of course.
well, maybe we'd each take a game.

stopping to grab take-out thai from the little place down the street,
we'd head into the movie theater two minutes from our house
and enjoy pad thai and cold beer in the darkened theater.

after pausing along the way for a brownie & decaf espresso,
we'd walk slowly home,
chatting about the movie and laughing,
pushing each other playfully
and enjoying the refreshing night air.

we'd fall asleep cuddled in our warm duvet,
smiling about our happy day.

it's fun to dream about the perfect day, isn't it?
...a dream, perhaps, to come true this weekend.
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  1. Meg! I love this! It's so important to have a vision for your ideal day because it tells you where your priorities and goals lie. I'm in the process of revising my career goals, and one of the exercises I did was to create a vision for my ideal workday. The vision I created showed me that it'll be important for me to work in a creative team environment, and that I want to spend an equal amount of time consulting with people and writing/creating in solitude. Interesting stuff! Would love to see you take this vision a step further by setting it 5 years in the future along with accompanying goals that will allow you to achieve your vision...

    You are an inspiration, as always. <3

  2. This was beautiful and so inspiring!! I spent a lovely day in Queen West myself, actually, and then headed down to the St-L Market for some fresh fruit. The sun was shining, the people were happy and it was just a lovely afternoon to be alive in :) Trying to think of what my perfect day would be is such fun, if I write about it I'll be sure to mention you for the lovely idea! xx

  3. This was such a stunning post! I need to book mark it. :o) Truly amazing.

  4. Sounds like a perfect day! Beautiful post!

  5. wow. you write so beautifully...what a perfect day, I hope you have a perfect weekend :)

  6. Oh what beautiful thoughts you have in there...

    I am totally enjoying them as I read them.

    Have a happy weekend. Enjoy ♥

  7. <3 the power of positive thinking! I hope it all happens this weekend for you!


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