mindful living mondays: creating your life.

one year ago today,
we boarded a plane in victoria
and started our new life in ontario.
what began as a huge scary adventure in guelph
(with no more structure than a school schedule for paul
and a hotel booked for our first night's stay)
 has become a lovely life in toronto
in an apartment i fall more in love with every day,
with the sweetest kitty i've ever met.

a few months into our life in guelph,
i faced the fact that i wasn't happy with our current situation.
i wasn't finding work that i enjoyed,
our townhouse didn't feel quite right,
and guelph, although a lovely town,
just wasn't the place for us at this point in our lives.
so i sat down with my journal and i wrote out
what i envisioned.
then i shared my vision with paul,
that we should make these dreams our reality.

it was pretty scary leaving that sleepy little town
for a big city that, at that time, we had no official connections to.
but in our hearts we felt it was the right move to make,
and once we started moving forward we didn't look back.

reflecting on how much our life has changed in the past year
~~ going from being nervous about what's in store
to starting an exciting job (me),
winning a prestigious award and several scholarships
for outstanding academic work (him),
moving into our dream apartment,
talking about babies (not yet!),
raising a delightful and hilarious kitten,
and feeling happy every.single.day~~
i've realized that we've created this life
from the ground up,
based on our honest hopes and dreams.
we've compromised,
talked (a lot), planned,
worried (a little), budgeted...
but most of all we spent some time every day
checking in with ourselves and each other
to make sure we're headed towards the life we want to be living.
and now that we're here,
i couldn't be happier.

although we still struggle,
and we still have things in our life that we'd like to change and improve,
the reason we're so happy is because
we've asked ourselves what life we want,
and then we worked together to take steps to make it happen.
as our priorities change, we'll make our life change along with them,
but we will never again sit back and let life happen to us.

it's scary (really scary) to jump in with both feet
and swim against the current in the direction you really want to go,
but i'm so glad we did it.

and you can too.

{look how happy! picture from
one of our first adventures as torontonians}


  1. Congrats on the job! It's been an insanely frustrating experience for me so far; I'm having no luck finding anything in the city since graduating 4 months ago.

  2. this was just lovely. thanks for sharing your beautiful words with us.


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