one solitary evening

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luckily, there aren't many nights that he and i spend without each other. usually by the time i come home from work, he's finishing up his readings ~~and the many (many) other things he does as a phd student~~ for the day, and we are able to enjoy our evenings together. but as the schoolyear approaches & he prepares to teach a course back in guelph, i know there are going to be one or two nights a week that i'll be left to my own devices. yesterday was the first of those nights, as he headed into guelph for a long day of work & meetings. i decided to make the most of my night alone, and after work i took my little green raleigh over to the toronto's humane society to say hello & give a little love to all the sweet puppies and kitties waiting for their forever homes. i struggled not to take home about six dogs (who looked at me with their adorable "please love me" eyes) and one kitty who i thought would be a perfect best friend for mort! instead, i consoled myself by starting the process to become a volunteer dog-walker, which i'm hoping will satisfy my cravings for a pup of our own until we have a house and a backyard, instead of a little urban apartment.
on the way home, i stopped to get my favorite indulgence for dinner... poutine! i quickly realized it was much too beautiful of an evening to head home and eat in my air conditioned flat, so i biked down to sugar beach to enjoy my fries, cheese curds, and veggie gravy (with sauteed onions, peas, and mushrooms mmmmm) with a beautiful view of lake ontario in the setting sun. there were dozens of sailboats out on the water, cute 20-somethings still sporting bright bikinis and big floppy hats at 8pm, and a film crew... i watched as they filmed a scene for my favorite canadian comedy.
returning home as the sky turned pink, i lit a scented candle, filling the apartment with the soft scent of vanilla, brewed some caramel rooibos, and put on an ella record. looking around as i reclined on my brown leather sofa with the new ikea catalogue on my lap and my kitty playing at my feet, i thought to myself "this is perfect. i never want to leave this life." and it is true.
he returned home exhausted to a big glass of pomegranite juice, cuddled the kitten, and kissed me on the cheek. we settled into the couch together to relax awhile and share the events of our days before heading to bed.
if this is what evenings alone will be, i think i'll be able to handle one or two a week!


  1. My (bigger) dog LOVED living in my downtown Toronto condo. He thought the elevator was so entertaining as there were so many wonderful smells! Don't let an appartment keep you from having a dog if you really want one!

  2. nicole: thanks for the words of encouragement! sadly, we rent from a condo-owner who would prefer us not to have a dog, as we have lovely hardwood floors. so until we have a place to call truly our own, we've got a sweet little cat who keeps us company (and is actually quite entertained by the elevator as well!)

  3. I love your photo!! it says so much about how you feel :)

  4. i think sometimes you just really need that quiet, alone time to regroup and think about things. I love getting a bit of time to myself to just be... i hope you continue to enjoy every one of them (and then you'll especially enjoy when he's back with you, too!)


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