reasons to run in the morning

1. it's cooler.
(during this summer weather, which is averaging 30C,
cooler is definitely better)

2. it's less crowded.
since moving to toronto,
i've taken to the streets twice after work.
we live right downtown.
running between the hours of five and six p.m. is impossible.
literally impossible.

3. you get it over with.
today i sat at my desk,
and for a moment i lamented my evening run.
then i realized,
"wait... i already ran!"
and then i was happy.

4. it's an amazing start to the day.
can you think of a better way to kick off your day
than with a massive endorphin rush
and motivation that lasts well beyond lunchtime?
i can't.

5. because it means you're running.
and to me,
running any time of the day is better
than not running at all.

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  1. great motivation to move in the morning (goodness how many "m"s can i fit in that sentence?)

    robert and i just joined the ymca, and they've got all sorts of great morning workout classes, but our bed just feels so decadently cozy at 5:00 in the morning. the mornings work the best though, because i'm dead tired after work. tomorrow morning i shall try again!

  2. I love these!! Running in the morning is my favorite time. These are all so true.

  3. that's an excellent list of whys! i can feel your exhilaration too.

    still, i CAN think of better ways to start the day... it includes moving as little as possible and eating honeyed peaches. LOL ;)

  4. Anonymous9/8/11

    Loved all the WHY's :) XO Xo

  5. such a cute and healthy-motivational post <3

  6. all great reasons - nice list. I really need to get up off my ass and get back into a routine of running (just took two weeks off)

  7. I totally agree – now if only I could actually motivate myself to put on those running clothes and get outside :)

  8. I completely agree! I love getting my run done first thing in the morning. :)


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