between seasons

they say that when autumn comes to ontario,
it is gone within a week.
i disagree,
especially in the face of weather in the
that has lasted all month...
in the face of days with bright, warm sunshine
and crisp, cool breezes
that beckon you outside
in jeans and a sweater.
this is the weather between summer and winter.
this is autumn at it's most beautiful.
there is a lingering of summer's energy in the air...
the desire to be outside,
to explore the city,
to take advantage of these last opportunities
as the darkness slowly creeps in,
shortening the days one by one.
and yet there is a hint of the hibernation to come -
evenings spent wrapped in a luxuriously soft throw
sipping almond rooibos with both hands wrapped
around an oversized mug,
reading novel after novel
of the intellectual type that can only be enjoyed on evenings
where the night sets in before dinner is finished.
the fall-coloured tights have come out of hiding,
tights of plum, grey, navy, and black - 
yet they are paired with light cardigans and tank dresses,
which resist being put to bed
for the long dark winter.
the farmer's market stalls overflow
with harvest treasures...
squash & apples compete with summer's remaining
peaches & berries for attention.
the leaves are still almost exclusively green
with just enough rust-colour at the treetops
to lend a feeling of romance to the day
and to make the late-summer sunshine filter through
in the most beautiful hues of
mustard yellow
burnt orange
and dusty gold.

this is the time between summer and winter,
between hot and cold...
it is this time that i love most of all.

enjoy this autumn weekend, lovely readers.


  1. J'aime bien l'ambiance et les couleurs de ce blog ... une bien jolie harmonie !
    Nedj, France

  2. The way you describe autumn is beautiful; I wish I had the time to enjoy it and that the rain would go away so I could really enjoy it! Definitely can't wait to explore some farmers markets :) Hope you had a great weekend!

  3. I adore fall. I cherish it while it is here and look forward to it when it isn't. The picture is beautiful. It kind of makes me crave some hot apple cider.

  4. I have to admit I'm becoming fan of Fall. Summer used to be my favorite, but I think I love knee socks and apples too much!

  5. Anonymous5/10/11

    beautiful words :)


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