happy friday!

a day bookended by love and flavour...
cuddles in the morning
while sipping creamy earl grey tea
brewed in our stainless steel bodum,
before hurrying to catch the subway uptown.
then, his promise to pick me up from work to see my new office
and take me to pick out fragrant rooibos and green teas
from our favorite tea shop on yonge street.
from there, we'll head to mill street brewpub in the distillery district
to spend some time indulging in locally-made craft beer,
(since it's fall, you can be sure i'll be enjoying
their delicious coffee porter,
my favorite cold-weather beer
made with coffee from the famous
cafe & roastery that lives just around the corner)
before returning home
to movies and pierogies.
it always seems to make a day
infinitely better when it's measured
in love and taste,
doesn't it?

have a wonderful weekend!


  1. what a great tea set, i really like the graphic lettering and simplicity.. nice post! Have a lovely weekend!



  2. Wonderful!! Happy Friday hun :)

  3. Absolutely love this. It made me really really look forward to my weekend. <3


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