happy holiday monday!

 {note: i have decided to move mindful living posts
to thursdays, as i find mondays a little too jarring
for such insightful writing. so, see you here thursday!}
seeing that today is a holiday,
we don't plan to get up to much.
a big brunch this morning
followed by a movie matinee
(our tradition on lazy mornings)...
then who knows?
perhaps a walk to the distillery district
for an afternoon coffee in a place that reminds me of europe,
or maybe i'll spend some time exploring
the home decor stores in my neighborhood,
soaking in all the new autumn accessories.
that's the beauty of holidays...
a bonus day to do what you like.



  1. Enjoy your holiday Monday. What movie are you going to watch?

  2. Anonymous5/9/11

    That photo is gorgeous! I love lazy days that feel like a continuation of Sunday. Enjoy the day!

  3. Love holiday weekends for exactly that reason!

  4. I love holidays and long weekends! I plan on spending the day at home watching movies and enjoying some peace & quiet. The windows are open with a light breeze blowing. Perfection :)


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