those last lazy days...

the weather is beautiful today in toronto...
the kind of weather that makes you want to spend all day
walking around with a spicy fall latte in your hand.
that late summer sun, which is really more orange than yellow,
and the gloriously crisp breeze that always plasters a huge smile on my face.
these are the days that remind me to make the most of this
while it lasts...
it seems that autumn tends to be a short-ish season in the east,
so who knows how long we'll have it before
the crisp air turns downright frigid.
tonight i'll be roasting my first acorn squash
since the darkest days of last winter,
adding a small scoop of butter to each half
along with generous amounts of brown sugar,
nutmeg, cinnamon, and allspice.
once baked in the oven,
it's deliciously satisfying to scrape all the
softened squash flesh in on itself with a fork
until the whole thing becomes a gooey steaming mess
held tenderly in the softened shell of the squash.
then i'm happy to simply sit,
with the shell in my hand,
enjoying bite after bite
of delicious essence of autumn.
mmm squash. what could be better?
perhaps followed by a walk along queen street west,
browsing the fall collections in one of toronto's lovelier shopping areas
and scouting for celebrities as they galavant around town,
as it is film festival season.

enjoy your weekend darlings!

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  1. Anonymous9/9/11

    Your post gets me SUPER excited for Fall! I can smell it ;-) Have a great weekend!!

  2. ive been trying to hold onto summer but this made me smile thinking of fall! xo


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