a week of new.

a lot has been going on around here lately...
the air has turned crisp and cool seemingly overnight
(it's almost as if someone flipped the "fall" switch),
paul is away all week participating in
guelph's world-renowned jazz festival,
and i've begun working at an amazing new job
with a sky-high learning curve.
i've been spending my temporary singledom
(while paul is away)
enjoying having the apartment all to myself
(mort is still around, and for some reason
even more affectionate than usual...
he must know i'm missing my husband)
and spending time out on the town.
next week i'll hopefully have lots of pictures to post
and be a little more settled into the my new routine
of a slightly later work day
and slightly heaver autumn clothes.

i hope you're all having a wonderful week!


  1. i love your writing, have a wonderful week!!

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  2. I am extremely jealous of this. fall & fall clothing my favorite... its been in the high 90s-100s here and its miserable. :(

  3. Love that fall is coming!! My favorite season!

  4. Can't wait for the updates!

  5. Someone definitely flipped the fall switch down in Boston too! Apparently tomorrow is the last nice day, and then it's down to the 50s. Tomorrow is supposed to be HOT. Yknow what that means? Spend the day at the beach, then spend the night taking out all my legwarmers and cute boots. =)


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