weekend: a day out, and a day in.

two days, completely opposite.
the first began early,
even before the sun peeked over
the tall buildings of downtown toronto's eastern end...
i spent the morning with a kitten watching the sky catch fire.
bundling up against the crisp fall air,
i walked briskly to the st. lawrence farmers market
where i was delighted to see fall produce everywhere...
adorable acorn squash,
beautiful decorative gourds,
mountains of many-colored bell peppers,
carrots ranging from pale yellow to ruby red to deep purple,
and piles of apples and pears begging to be snacked on.
our new routine allows me to leave as early as i want
and spend my favorite morning hours
browsing the market to my heart's content
while he lounges in bed
(a perfect compromise for an early bird & a night owl)
before meeting me for breakfast at starbucks
after my market trip, to help me carry
our week's groceries home.
as i wait for him to arrive at starbucks
in a plush garnet-hued armchair by the window,
i watch the later market-goers
straggle in for their morning coffee
and happily go over my purchases:
red & white potatoes,
as many peppers as i could carry, for red-pepper soup,
leeks, onions,
stewing pork, a lamb shank big enough for two,
a giant bunch of kale,
apples & pears,
brie, proscuitto,
a deliciously strong white cheddar, aged in balsamic vinegar,
free-run eggs, maple sausages,
and some with spinach & feta,
green beans and quinoa for lunchtime salads.
when he arrived we ordered breakfast sandwiches
and americano mistos,
his flavoured with caramel, mine with toffee nut.
we returned home briefly to tuck away our groceries,
then walked happily through the downtown streets
towards a favorite shopping area
to visit record, clothing, and music equipment shops.
stopping briefly at a quirky boutique hotel for lunch
(he had crepes stuffed with beef & mexican flavours,
i had the thickest sweet potato soup laced with goat cheese & crostini,
and we shared a mountain of fries tossed in gouda and served with chipotle aioli)
we explored for hours, finding a local art showcase
in trinity-bellwoods park
where hundreds of local artists and artisans had come together
to display and sell their wares...
~oil paintings on canvas~
(some romantic, some hilarious, some political)
~fabulous feather fascinators in every color of the rainbow~
~beautiful hand-set jewelry~
~tough and artful leather cuffs~
...all made locally.
late in the afternoon,
we were distracted as we ran errands near our home
by an eight-piece brass band,
it's young members enthusiastically playing upbeat tunes on the street.
after a quick dinner and calls to loved ones back home,
we dressed up and visited a fun restaurant
with a huge patio in the heart of the business district
for red wine sangria and animated conversation.
the next morning had a different feel altogether.
although my mind tried to convince me to leave our warm bed early,
i lingered as long as i could
before arising for a quick run in the cool air.
we made a breakfast of our local maple sausage & eggs,
along with freshly-baked blueberry muffins
and then proceeded to spend the whole day
on the couch engrossed in a beautifully-written novel (me)
and at a big glass desk working on music (him).
this fabulously relaxing afternoon
was only interrupted once,
and then for an early matinee of a movie
that everyone's sure to be talking about.
later in the afternoon,
i sliced red bell peppers and coated them in olive oil to roast in the oven,
and then grated pecorino for biscuits
with rosemary and garlic.
we enjoyed roasted red-pepper soup with the biscuits,
then snuggles on the couch with an old comedy
and planning more cool-weather meals for the week
ended our relaxing weekend.

i hope you had a wonderful weekend too!
how did you spend it?


  1. Can I just say, I love your writing. You make me want to live where you live.

  2. I drink americano mistos too with a shot of toffee nut!

  3. Anonymous24/9/11

    I'm just catching up on my blog reading, so I'm a little late. your weekend sounds lovely and like something I would enjoy myself. I hope this weekend will be fabulous for you as well :)


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