hello friday.

i'm glad you're here.
you bring the promise of a relaxing weekend,
a reprieve from the busy-ness of the week.
you're bringing my husband home,
gone since tuesday on business.
you're bringing fun...
a birthday party for my lovely best friend,
an early-morning shopping excursion,
and an indulgent sunday morning yoga class
followed by a long-awaited scary movie.

time brings healing.
things are still difficult,
but i am beginning to learn to work through the pain
and i'm focusing on keeping my memories clear
so i can always look back on them with a smile.

i'm sure weekends will help,
with their laid-back attitudes and extended cuddle times.


  1. Ooooh what a sweet picture! Yes I am excited that it is Friday, wooo hoo:-)

  2. Anonymous21/10/11

    i feel you!

  3. really sweet that picture!


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