hello october.

this weekend,
as if my city was proving me wrong
as i bragged about how sunny & bright our autumns would be,
we had a few days of darker, colder weather
punctuated with grey skies and chilly rains.
unfazed, i looked happily towards the sky,
enjoying every moment of this vancouveresque weather.
today promises to be the last of these days
(at least for a week or so)
and it seems that toronto was just trying to make the announcement that
october is here!
i am ready to welcome
october's gloomier skies and lower temperatures
by pulling out my knitted gloves and multi-colored pashminas.
i have begun baking in full-force again...
there are fresh apple-spice muffins in my kitchen cake stand for snacks,
and it won't be long before slow-cooked oatmeal and crumbles
start to make their way back into our breakfast routine.
 this week i'll be getting myself a long-awaited
toronto library card
to start making my way through a long list of
winter-appropriate novels
(starting with the ones i'll be reading this weekend
on the long ride to new york city)

with the slowed pace
that this weather brings,
i've set a few autumn intentions...

~~ nourish my yoga practice ~~
attend classes twice a week
(i've missed having a regular practice
since leaving guelph and my wonderful gym,
and look forward to finding this again)
and begin each day on an opened mat
with at least five deep breaths
and an intention for the day

~~ journal ~~
living in a city where there's always something fun to do
doesn't leave one with much time (or energy)
for looking inward and documenting thoughts.
this slower season seems like the perfect time
to reinstate a routine of journaling once a day

~~ spend time outside ~~
i think one of the main reasons we tend to get depressed
during the darker seasons
is because we start to miss
fresh air and natural light.
spending all day in an office
(arriving as the sun rises and leaving as it sets)
can take a toll on one's well-being.
i am going to make an effort
to spend some time outside every day
whether it's taking a walk at lunchtime,
spending the afternoon on my balcony
(curled up with a space heater, a fuzzy blanket, and a book),
or sipping a latte by the open window of a cafe.

~~ practicing non-self-judgement ~~
the honest truth is that when the cold weather comes,
so do the comfort foods.
baked macaroni&cheese,
intense casseroles,
turkeys and all their side-dishes,
and of course, the many baked goods
that accompany these seasons.
these foods are delicious and indulgent,
perfect for warding off cold-feelings,
and i believe that at this time of year
our bodies are wired
to slow down, to nest, to hibernate a little.
so i will be understanding if what my body asks for
is a little less light and airy than our usual summer fare.
my focus will remain on whole, naturally and locally-sourced foods
 and i will make the effort to keep my meals balanced
(with whole grains, fruits, squashes, and other vegetables)
while still allowing my body the comfort foods that it craves.
and i am going to make a pumpkin pie from scratch.
so there.

by following these intentions,
i hope to cultivate feelings of fulfillment, happiness
and gratitude for the slower, quieter seasons
that will stay with me through winter
and help me feel refreshed when spring comes again.

what are your fall intentions?
i'd love to hear some of them...


  1. I love october and halloween! but yeah the weather has been a little out of character here in ny with the rain and clouds.. hopefully it'll stay dry now, lol


  2. I love your intentions--so similar to mine! I really need to get back to my yoga practice and journaling on a regular basis. I just feel better when I do those things! Here's to hoping that this month brings us everything we need!

  3. What great ideas for October. I think that my fall intentions will be to try to treat my body and my mind kindly by exercising nourishing them. What books are on your reading list? I am re-reading an old favorite, Love Walked In. I highly recommend it.

  4. What a coincidence. I just started yoga classes twice a week! I really enjoy them. They fit my lazy way of life. My fall intentions are to get pregnant (please, finally), get rid of some stuff and to read some things that aren't a trashy romance novel.


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